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VFW (2019) Review 2

VFW (2019) Review

It is easy to imagine a world where VFW just did not work. With a concept focused on ageing combat veterans fighting off hoards of

After Midnight (2019) Review

After Midnight (2019) Review

Relationships are hard, and sometimes things fall apart. Looking back at all through rose coloured glasses, it is easy to gloss over struggle and only

The Evolution of an Online Legacy

16 Years of EVE Online

First launched in 2003, EVE Online is one of the oldest MMOs still running today. Known as one of the hardest online games to jump

Seagate Firecuda 520 SSD Review 1

Seagate FireCuda 520 SSD Review

With the new batch of AMD Ryzen chips came the ability to push SSDs to new performance levels. Now, while many people will need to

Voicing Heartman

Voicing Heartman

With 2020 just starting, it is hard to not look back onto 2019 and see Death Stranding as one of the biggest games of the

Ring Indoor Cam (2019) Review

Ring Indoor Cam (2019) Review

After years of making video doorbells and other smart devices, Ring is finally ready to offer buyers an inexpensive camera that actually packs a lot

Ring Smart Lighting Review 1

Ring Smart Lighting Review

Ring has been a brand that has been around a while now, offering consumers a way to protect their front porch with a smart video

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock Review 1

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock Review

In a modern world where we are constantly surrounded by smart speakers and devices, the concept to use all that power to simply ask the

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