Bloodthirsty (2020) Review

Lindsay Traves

After submitting her Bachelor’s thesis, “The Metaphysics of Schwarzenegger Movies,” Lindsay decided to focus on writing about her passions; sci-fi, horror, sports, and comic books. She covers movies and games for CGMagazine and you can follow her work on Twitter @smashtraves.

Bits Film Fest - Bloodthirsty (2020) Review 1

Bloodthirsty (2020) Review

Amelia Moses’ werewolf tale questions how far one must go for their craft, and what’s worth letting out your inner monster
Nightstream 2020 - Anything For Jackson Review

Nightstream 2020 – Anything for Jackson Review

The delicate marrying of multiple effects styles creates a house full of nightmare fuel that makes for enough interest to push through any story stumbles in Anything for Jackson.
Nightstream - The Queen Of Black Magic Review 2

Nightstream2020 – The Queen of Black Magic Review

The scares in The Queen of Black Magic ensure a constant state of fear and dread. Though the story is sometimes more convoluted than necessary, it adds heart to the black magic tale in such a way that makes the larger terrors land much harder.
Nightstream 2020 - Bloody Hell Review 1

Nightstream 2020 – Bloody Hell Review

Bloody Hell is a tale of a would-be action hero plopped into a European horror show is a bloody blast that’d make the Ex-Presidents shudder.
The Cast And Creator Of Utopia Reflect On How The State Of The World Recontextualized Their Series 3

The Cast and Creator of Utopia Reflect on How The State of the World Recontextualized Their Series

Flynn and the cast know the show hits differently in 2020, but with themes of misinformation, they’re adamant it was always relevant.
Interview- Brandon Cronenberg For ‘Possessor’

Talking Film, Creativity and ‘Possessor’ With Brandon Cronenberg

Cronenberg chats his philosophical beliefs vs. the ones portrayed in his film, and gives tantalizing clues about his next projects and the best recipe for blood
Scare Me (2020) Review 2

Scare Me (2020) Review

Scare Me is a delightful horror comedy that takes place in a cabin in the woods but Cash and Ruben’s story telling abilities will take you everywhere but.
Possessor (2020) Review 1

Possessor (2020) Review

With Possessor Cronenberg ups the ante on a body stealing killer sci-fi story by adding layers on the duality of the self and a lot of blood.
Fantastic Fest 2020 - How To Deter A Robber Review 1

Fantastic Fest 2020 – How to Deter a Robber Review

Maria Bissell with How to Deter a Robber has created a delightfully toasty coming of age dark comedy for the next generation of off-beat holiday film fans.
Fantastic Fest 2020 - The Boy Behind The Door Review 1

Fantastic Fest 2020 – The Boy Behind the Door Review

The Boy Behind the Door is an impressively restrained and grizzly game of cat and mouse leveled up by the work of its lead actor .

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