Fantastic Fest 2020 – The Stylist (2020) Review

Lindsay Traves

After submitting her Bachelor’s thesis, “The Metaphysics of Schwarzenegger Movies,” Lindsay decided to focus on writing about her passions; sci-fi, horror, sports, and comic books. She covers movies and games for CGMagazine and you can follow her work on Twitter @smashtraves.

Fantastic Fest 2020 - The Stylist Review 1

Fantastic Fest 2020 – The Stylist (2020) Review

The Stylist is a slasher that collects the best cliches from our favourite movies and uses them to create a unique and special horror tale of a woman with a sharp object.
Fantastic Fest 2020- Girl Review

Fantastic Fest 2020 – Girl Review

Faust’s take on the woman centric gritty thriller does great work in visual aesthetic and tone, but by focusing the narrative to make the titular ‘Girl’ the object of the men’s violence instead of a subject managing violence, the film falls flat.
To Your Last Death Review 1

To Your Last Death Review

To Your Last Death is a simple 2D animated feature that layers more genres than should fit together, but it works and it slaps.
Utopia Review 1

Utopia Review

Seeming to reflect on the times, Utopia presents dangerous ideas without taking time to comment on them. It’s well acted but should have been left to the Brits.
Fantasia Festival 2020 - Come True Review 1

Fantasia 2020 – Come True (2020) Review

Thrusting you into the world of waking nightmares, Come True is a stunning feature reminiscent of Cronenberg and the most styled of terrors. It’s narrative keeps stakes low and it’s finale kicks them to the curb, so it never goes all the way, but it’s worth the blue toned-synth wave ride nonetheless.
The Boys Season 2 Episodes 4-8 Review

The Boys Season 2 Episodes 4-8 Review

The sophomore season of Prime’s cynical superhero black dramedy ups every single ante, digs deeper into themes it previously just danced with and is grounded by the stellar performances of its leading cast. It’s ruthless, blistering, scathing, and all the other adjectives for just that.
Fantasia Festival 2020 - Lucky Review 1

Fantasia 2020 – Lucky Review

Using the best version of sci-fi horror, Lucky creates a ‘through the looking glass’ version of a woman’s reality. It uses the surreal to take on what is very real to so many that makes you frustrated and ecstatic in good measure.
Fantasia Festival 2020 - For The Sake Of Vicious 1

Fantasia 2020 – For the Sake of Vicious

For the Sake of Vicious stumbles its way across the runway with some odd narrative choices, but once it takes off, it one of the better uses of Halloween night teeth rattling carnage.
Peaky Blinders: Mastermind Review 4

Peaky Blinders: Mastermind Review

Fans of puzzle games should enjoy the new mechanic of hopping through time to control multiple characters, but as an adaptation of Peaky Blinders, it falls flat.
Fantasia Festival 2020: 12 Hour Shift

Fantasia 2020 – 12 Hour Shift

12 Hour Shift is a nasty thriller about an unlikable woman managing intersecting disasters while remaining unphased in a way we expect a trauma nurse working a double to do.

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