Dc Fandome Panel: Wonder Woman 1984 Bring A New Trailer

Lindsay Traves

After submitting her Bachelor’s thesis, “The Metaphysics of Schwarzenegger Movies,” Lindsay decided to focus on writing about her passions; sci-fi, horror, sports, and comic books. She covers movies and games for CGMagazine and you can follow her work on Twitter @smashtraves.

Dc Fandome Panel: Wonder Woman 1984 Bring A New Trailer 2

DC Fandome Panel: Wonder Woman 1984 Bring a New Trailer

Patty Jenkins and the Cast of Wonder Woman 1984 attended the DC Fandome panel to answer fan questions, share new clips and a brand new full trailer.
Fantasia 2020Sleep (Schlaf) (1964) Review 1

Fantasia 2020Sleep (Schlaf) (1964) Review

Sleep (Shlaf) is a beautiful and jarring film that buries themes of inherited trauma underneath the grounds of a haunted hotel.
The Boys Season 2 Trailer: The Crew Is Back And Covered With Blood 1

The Boys Season 2 Trailer: The Crew is Back and Covered with Blood

The Boys are back and out for blood in the new trailer for the even meaner second season
Random Acts Of Violence (2019) Review 3

Random Acts of Violence (2019) Review

Random Acts of Violence falls flat at trying to embrace larger themes and subvert horror tropes. Without these unrealized stabs at something more, it’s a great scare that looks gorgeous from creative lighting to massacre tableaus.
Random Acts Of Violence - Roundtable With Writer/ Director Jay Baruchel 1

Random Acts of Violence – Roundtable with Writer/ Director Jay Baruchel

We sat down to chat with Jay Baruchel about his experience in comics and how his upbringing and ever changing sensibilities created the living document that became the script for his first scary movie.
Paper Mario: The Origami King Review 1

Paper Mario: The Origami King Review

Paper Mario: The Origami King had to meet the high bar set by the classic adaptations launched to the Nintendo Switch thus far and thankfully It didn’t fold under pressure.
Relic (2020) Review 13

Relic (2020) Review

For those willing to throw the desire for outright explanations to the wind and dip their toes into atmosphere as a living metaphor for real fears, Relic is a well made haunt that creates a phantom sense of creepy crawlies.
Blair Witch (Switch) Review 2

Blair Witch (Switch) Review

Wanting to bring something new to the Blair Witch lore, the game took a giant swing at a story it had no business trying to tell. Though it has some decent scares and mechanics, strip the “yikes” of a story away and you’re left with a basic linear game full up with bugs.
Gangs Of London Is Your Next Favourite Show

Gangs of London is Your Next Favourite Show

Gangs of London mixes up your favourite genre by layering it with cinematic elements and splashing it with blood, making for a refreshing twist on the crime family series
Five Night’s At Freddy’s: Help Wanted Review

Five Night’s at Freddy’s: Help Wanted Review

The straightforward short hit game style makes the case for itself and games like it. It’s not completely revolutionary, but it successfully adapts the PC to VR game to the console and makes for a good time.

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