First 15: Absolver

Lovina Yavari

First 15: Absolver

First 15: Absolver

Lovina gives us a rundown of what to expect in the upcoming martial arts epic Absolver. Running on the Unreal Engine, Absolver is developed by Sloclap, an indie studio made up of Ex Ubisoft Paris Employees, and published by Devlolver Digital.
First 15: Sundered

First 15: Sundered

Lovina and TJ take a look at Sundered, the latest Metroidvania title from Thunder Lotus Studios, the minds behind Jotun that’s was previously on Kickstarter.
Let'S Play: Mega Man Legacy - Part 2 1

Let’s Play: Mega Man Legacy – Part 2

Cody is defeated by Mega Man Legacy, Lovina to the rescue! Watch part 1 of Lovina and Cody taking on Mega Man Legacy here. Subscribe to the CGM YouTube. 
Let'S Play: Mega Man Legacy - Part 1

Let’s Play: Mega Man Legacy – Part 1

Cody apologizes for his attempt to play Mega Man Legacy. Subscribe to the CGM YouTube! 
Let'S Play: Tearaway Unfolded

Let’s Play: Tearaway Unfolded

Cody and Lovina give Tearaway Unfolded a try on the PS4
Let'S Play: Disney Infinity 3.0

Let’s Play: Disney Infinity 3.0

Melanie and Lovina give the latest installment in the Disney Infinity series a run-though and see what people should expect for this iteration.
Let'S Play: Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Let’s Play: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Watch Cody and Lovina play through a classic game while giving a bit of history on Sonic and Sega.
Let'S Play: Gears Of War 3

Let’s Play: Gears of War 3

Lovina and Cody talk pumpkin carving, exchanging games, and bro gamers in this edition of Let’s Play. Also be sure to check out of preview of Gears of War Ultimate Edition.
Let'S Play: Tomb Raider: Legend

Let’s Play: Tomb Raider: Legend

Lovina and Cody have “tomb” much fun getting lost, being squished and falling off ropes in this Let’s Play.
Let'S Play: Saw Ii: Flesh And Blood

Let’s Play: Saw II: Flesh and Blood

Watch as Cody and Lovina pick locks, retrieve a key under Campbell’s eye, and run from a Pinhead wannabe.

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