Sanctum (2011) Review

Phil Brown

Phil Brown is a film critic, comedy writer, and filmmaker who can be found haunting theaters and video stores throughout Toronto.


Sanctum (2011) Review

James Cameron’s name is plastered all over the marketing material for Sanctum, but that’s more of a sign of desperation for a studio hungry to get Avatar-loving bodies into the theater than an insignia of quality. Cameron produced the film and the special 3D cameras he developed are used to create massive immersive imagery. Mere […]
The Runaways (2010) Review 2

The Runaways (2010) Review

“This isn’t about women’s lib, kiddies, it’s about women’s libido,” sneers The Runaways’ scene-stealing, trash-talking manager, Kim Fowley.
Splice (2009) Review 5

Splice (2009) Review

Though marketed as a monster-baby movie in the It’s Alive mold, Splice is actually one of the most intriguing genre outings in quite some time. Co-written and directed by Cube auteur Vincenzo Natali, Splice is an unconventional movie that seems to change style and tone on a scene-by-scene basis. The film is at once a […]
Robin Hood (2010) Review 2

Robin Hood (2010) Review

There are certain things you expect to see in a Robin Hood movie: an archery competition, the rich getting robbed, Merry Men living in trees, Little John fighting on logs, a flirtatious Maid Marion, a villainous Sheriff of Nottingham, and a whole lot of spandex. You’ll get none of these from this blockbuster adaptation. Admittedly, […]
Frozen (2010) Review 4

Frozen (2010) Review

Sometimes in horror movies, simplicity is key. Case in point: writer/director Adam Green’s latest thriller Frozen. The film follows three main characters, trapped on a ski lift several hundred feet in the air with no hope of rescue. It’s one of those simple premises that everyone can identify with, and has always secretly been terrified […]
Cooper’s Camera (2008) Review 2

Cooper’s Camera (2008) Review

Christmas movies typically fall into one of two categories – There are the bright and bubbly classics designed to make families feel warm on the holidays, and there are the dark satires that expose the seedy underside of the hallmark holiday. Bob Clark’s beloved A Christmas Story falls into the former category, and provided Canada […]
The White Ribbon (2009) Review 3

The White Ribbon (2009) Review

There’s a mystery afoot in Michael Haneke’s stark and downbeat new thriller. The White Ribbon has already collected a mantel’s-worth of awards, beginning with the Palm d’Or at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, and more recently, a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film. In early February, The White Ribbon was nominated for two Oscars […]
The Trotsky (2009) Review 4

The Trotsky (2009) Review

The Trotsky is a movie that desperately wants to be a cult hit. Sure, it is definitely a bizarre comedy, but not one that is destined for cult status. It’s simply trying too hard to be strange rather than simply being the result of a unique vision of a filmmaker. The movie is still a […]

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