DC Fans Divided On Proposed Films Based On The Joker

DC Fans Divided On Proposed Films Based On The Joker

Warner Bros. is currently planning two individual movies based on the Joker, and some fans have voiced their concern regarding the complications that may arise from two different movies based on the same character.

The first movie will be based on Jared Leto’s Joker from the 2016 Suicide Squad film. Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, the executive producers of the NBC hit show This is Us, are in talks to lead the proposed project featuring Suicide Squad’s Joker and Harley Quinn.

Additionally, there is a second proposed untitled movie featuring the Joker in the works being spearheaded by Todd Philips, the director behind the hit comedy The Hangover.

The Philips’ directed movie will focus on Joker’s backstory, which in the long and rich history of the DC universe has never really been explored. The other main difference between this proposed film and the aforementioned Suicide Squad venture will be that the Phillips’ directed film will star another actor instead of Jared Leto.

Todd Philips take on the Joker film—if greenlit—would be the first film under a new proposed DC banner. The new banner will encompass a series of films that aims to extend the canon. The new banner also aims to deliver unique and sometimes unusual narratives to some of the beloved superheroes within the massive DC roster.

This bold new direction for DC is a visible sign of the company trying to further distinguish themselves from Marvel—who, after being bought by Disney, has really flourished and taken both the silver screen and the small screen by storm.

Regardless of what fans think, DC trying new things with their properties is a bold move, but with the recent success of movies such as Wonder Woman, it’s a road worth traveling.

Microsoft Set To Push Windows Mixed Reality — Halo, Steam Included

Microsoft Set To Push Windows Mixed Reality — Halo, Steam Included

Microsoft as of late has been determined to bring their HoloLens and VR technology in general to the forefront of consumer electronics.

Currently, most PC based virtual reality setups are expensive and require additional set up. Microsoft has promised that they are going to be bringing a range of much more accessible and democratized headsets to Windows platforms.

This week at the IFA keynote in Berlin, Microsoft is expected to announce news regarding their upcoming range of VR and AR headsets. The legendary software company is touting that their line-up of upcoming devices will be more reasonably priced and affordable.

Additionally, Microsoft has stated that their range of headsets will work out of the box, eliminating the need for mounted cameras while providing a less involved and more intuitive setup process. The upcoming range of headsets will feature built in tracking — which is how Microsoft will eliminate the need for additional setup and hardware.

A wide gambit of renowned electronic manufacturers is slated to be on board with Microsoft. They include the likes of HP, Lenovo, Dell and Acer.  Headsets and motion controllers will start at low as $399 USD or $498 CAD. Furthermore, a new range of exciting PC models will also be available that support the forthcoming VR and AR headsets, starting at $499 USD or $623 CAD.

Microsoft will be offering both mid-range to higher end machines that are built from the ground up to support the Windows Mixed Reality platform. The Mixed Reality PCs will run immersive content at 60fps, while what Microsoft is calling their Ultra range of Mixed Reality PCs, will run content at 90fps.

Both mid-range and Ultra Mixed Reality PC configurations will deliver similar content, such as immersive video and gaming experiences. With full support for Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers.

In order to ensure quality content from the start, Microsoft has also announced that they will be bringing 343 Studios and with them, the Halo property to the Windows Mixed Reality platform. Not much information is known in regards to what Halo content will be coming to the platform. However, just the fact that Halo is indeed coming highlights how serious Mircosoft is in their VR and AR push.

Finally, Steam, the mega popular online games storefront will also get support for the forthcoming Mixed Reality initiative.


Popular Retailer Might Have Accidentally Leaked Bethesda’s Game Of Thrones

Popular Retailer Might Have Accidentally Leaked Bethesda's Game Of Thrones

Early releases and leaks of unannounced titles are par for the course in the world of gaming. However, a possible leak by the retail giant Target has listed a possible Bethesda Studio made Game of Thrones title.

Thanks to an eagle eyed Neogaf user, a listing on Target’s official website has revealed a landing page that lists a rather interesting, one phrase title: “Bethesda: Game of Thrones.”

Obviously, there isn’t much information to go on. However, the very notion of a Bethesda Studio made Game of Thrones title warrants speculation.

Bethesda is the renowned studio behind the Elder Scrolls series, with their latest entry into the beloved franchise being Skyrim. Bethesda getting the rights to George RR Martin’s High Fantasy epic would be a match made in Aetherius.

Developers have previously tried their hand at making a Game of Thrones inspired video game, with the latest being Telltale’s Game of Thrones release. The title followed the tried and true Telltale Game’s formula of storytelling focused gameplay.

In terms of narrative, the game told the story of House Forrester, a House that is only mentioned in passing within the books. The episodes of Telltale’s Game of Thrones took place between the start of Season 3 and the beginning of Season 5 of the HBO television program.

A more RPG focused take on the series was also attempted in 2012. The title was simply called Game of Thrones. The story followed two soldiers from the War of the Usurper, or better known as Robert’s Rebellion within the mythos of the franchise. Players embarked on a journey through Westeros, defending the Seven Kingdoms from an unknown, yet powerful danger.

Although the title featured an interesting plot and combat reminiscent of the Dragon Age series, the title was ultimately panned for poor visuals and an absence of some of the bigger characters such as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

Bethesda having a crack at the Game of Thrones license equates to the best chance the series has in terms of being turned into a game. As of right now, the leaked announcement should still be considered a rumour until further confirmation from Bethesda.

Gamescom 2017 Breaks Its Own Records

Gamescom 2017 Breaks Its Own Records

With the dust settled from Gamescom 2017, it has just been announced that this year’s show has reached record-breaking attendance, surpassing 350,000 visitors.

It seems as though the renowned games trade show just keeps on growing. Gamescom 2017 broke new records with 919 companies from 54 countries in attendance. In addition to the aforementioned record breaking 350,000 attendees, there were 30,700 trade visitors, all from 106 countries.

Gamescom 2017 ran from the 22nd to August 26. Looking at the metrics from this year’s show reveals a 5% increase in the number of companies in attendance. Furthermore, it is estimated that the international games trade show in its last day, broke the “100 country mark”, which further highlights the importance and grandeur of this year’s show.

Compared to the 2016 trades show, Gamescom 2017 saw an increase overall in numbers, confirming its position as Europe’s number one business platform. The foreign share of exhibitors was 72%, cementing the notion of it being a truly diverse and international event.

In terms of space, the show floor expanded 4% from last years event. With Gamescom 2017 taking up a gross area of 201,000 square meters, it was the perfect venue for an eclectic range of exhibitors. Everything from consoles to virtual reality and everything in between was present on the show floor.

Aside from the stellar lineup of exhibitors, Gamescom 2017 ran in part thanks to the help of the BMVI (Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure), who specialized in the social media stage during the duration of Gamescom. Interestingly enough, Canada had the privilege of being the partner country of Gamescom 2017.

Gerald Böse, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Koelnmesse GmbH, organizer of Gamescom, had this to say:

“We are excited. Gamescom 2017 set new standards and a new visitor record. More than ever, it proved its exceptional, worldwide importance as a 360-degree experience event and a leading communications platform for current and future themes of the computer and video games industry. We are very satisfied and are pleased that we were able to offer trade and private visitors the  fascination of digital entertainment here in Cologne in this extraordinary form.”

Gamescom is still a relatively young trades show, with the inaugural show being less than 10 years old, which was held on August 19, 2009. Since then, Gamescom has exploded in popularity and helped boost the European games sector into the forefront.


Essential PlayStation Titles That Deserve A PSVR Makeover

Essential PlayStation Titles That Deserve A PSVR Makeover

The PlayStation VR headset has been out for the better part of a year now, and since then, additions in the form of not only new AAA game announcements such as Skyrim VR, but new accessories such as the PSVR Aim Controller have either been announced or have hit the market.

With rumours of better tracking and a refreshed PlayStation Move controller on the horizon, Sony seems to be pushing their console exclusive virtual reality peripheral, which in turn got us here at CGM thinking about potential PSVR remasters or remakes of classic PlayStation first person titles that would benefit from a virtual reality makeover.

Essential PlayStation Titles That Deserve A PSVR Makeover 1
Resistance 3

We’ll start things off with a series that has been curiously absent on the PlayStation 4: Insomniac Games’ Resistance. The last entry into the alternate history alien shooter was 2012’s Resistance: Burning Skies for the PlayStation Vita. Unfortunately, the game was given less attention during development than its bigger brother console entries and was ultimately panned for being a bland and uninspired title. The Resistance series as a whole however were some of the best exclusive FPS titles available on the PlayStation 3, with Resistance 3 even supporting PlayStation Move controls out of the box.

The biggest thing Resistance did right—and why the series would work so well with Sony’s PSVR headset—would have to be the tense atmosphere and strong writing. Any setting ravaged by war can be considered bleak, however the war between Mankind and the Chimeras in Resistance painted a truly sombre outlook. A remaster or reboot of the series could breathe new life into the now dormant franchise, and with the added horsepower of the PlayStation 4 coupled with the immersive nature of virtual reality, Resistance could make a huge comeback and potentially even become the go to VR title for Sony’s black box.

Essential PlayStation Titles That Deserve A PSVR Makeover 2
Child of Eden

Another PlayStation Move-friendly title that could potentially benefit from a PSVR resurgence is Child of Eden, by famed creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi, best known for his work on the music rhythm game Rez. For those unfamiliar with the game, Child of Eden came out on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and acted as a sort of spiritual successor to Rez. Gameplay in Child of Eden consists of the player shooting a range of objects that clutter the play area. Similarly to Rez, shooting said objects results in musical notes that modify and add to the overall tempo and feel of the music in any given stage.

PlayStation Move elevated the game to new levels, giving players precise motion controls that let them immerse themselves in the synth-filled abstract world of Child of Eden. Rez Infinite, which was a PSVR launch title, took the classic music game and allowed PlayStation gamers to experience Rez in a virtual reality space.

Rez Infinite also contained a new special mode known as Area X. Made from the ground up for PlayStation 4 and PSVR, Area X added a new level that took advantage of the PS4’s hardware and gave players a small glimpse into what a new game from Tetsuya Mizuguchi could look like. A follow up to Child of Eden or just another music rhythm game from Mizuguchi for the PlayStation VR platform could end up potentially being the best way to experience music rhythm games going forward.

Essential PlayStation Titles That Deserve A PSVR Makeover 3
House of the Dead: Overkill

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood proved that PSVR could reinvigorate the ‘’on-rails’’ style of first person gaming and make it exciting (and terrifying) again, and no other series more than SEGA’s The House of the Dead franchise deserves to be on a virtual reality platform. The long running goofy and gut-filled zombie shooter series first made its debut all the way back in 1996 in Arcades, with PC and console versions that hit two years later. The series is known for its fun shooting gallery style gameplay mixed in with awful, yet somehow endearing dialogue.

Those who never experienced a House of the Dead title, especially the older entries in the series, can look at it as what it would feel like stepping inside the world of a B movie zombie flick. A PlayStation VR House of the Dead would work wonderfully for the franchise and recapture that whoa factor patrons of arcades and movie theatres had when the game first released back in the mid 90s.

Of course, there can’t be a list relating to first person games on the PlayStation without mentioning the Killzone series. Although the Guerrilla Games franchise has come to an end after the events of Killzone Shadow Fall on PlayStation 4, there is always room for a reboot or reimagining of the long running sci-fi shooter. Like Resistance 3 on the PlayStation 3, Killzone 3 allowed players to use PlayStation Move controllers and when paired with the Sharp Shooter gun accessory, the title transformed from a hardcore military shooter to a fun, more casual point-and-shoot Wii remote style romp.

The basic premise of Killzone has two factions fighting against each other: the ISA or the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance and the Helghast. The ISA are mostly composed of your average law abiding citizen, whereas those who side with the Helghast are generally more on the nasty side of things. What makes the series truly great is its visual identity: The game is rife with dark blacks, greys and foreboding reds that lend to the cool dystopian aesthetic that borrows heavily from Russian Constructivism and other pulpier propaganda-inspired art. A PSVR Killzone title could provide players with a fun sci-fi shooter and possibly a great military title, a genre that is currently lacking when it comes to the library of PSVR titles available.

Essential PlayStation Titles That Deserve A PSVR Makeover 4
LSD: Dream Simulator

Finally, ending the list is a somewhat obscure title, but one that would surely benefit from a virtual reality remake or reimagining, and that game is LSD: Dream Emulator. If the name sounds like a certain psychedelic drug, that’s because it pretty much is. LSD: Dream Emulator, or LSD for short, is one of the most surreal games to ever hit the original PlayStation, perhaps even gaming in general. LSD released way back in 1998 exclusively for Japanese territories.

LSD gives players a means to explore randomly generated sequences—or dreams—in which they can explore and interact with strange and often otherworldly environments. Upon making contact with one of the many residents in a dream, the game will warp the player into another sequence. LSD is a title that consists solely of exploration and the sense of discovery that comes with it. The core design of the game was inspired by the dream journal of Hiroko Nishikawa, an artist that worked for Asmik Ace Entertainment, the developers of LSD: Dream Emulator. The title would be a great fit for PSVR in that it would be able to transport players to different surrealistic worlds in a way that only virtual reality can offer. The exploratory nature of the game is perfect match for those looking to get lost in the world of virtual reality and a full blown remake of LSD: Dream Emulator should be more than capable of delivering a truly unique experience.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 To Get Voice Acting, Including Over 75,000 Lines

Divinity: Original Sin 2 To Get Voice Acting, Including Over 75,000 Lines

Larian Studios has confirmed that their anticipated title Divinity: Original Sin 2 will be getting an update that adds full voice support for the 1200 characters and creatures present in the game.

That’s over 1 million words and 74,000 lines of dialogue for the title. The massive undertaking has required the aide of 80 voice actors and actresses, all lending their talent in order to bring Divinity: Original Sin 2 to life.

A small excerpt of some of the actors present in the upcoming title has been listed below:

  • Harry Hadden-Paton as the Red Prince, a haughty but heroic lizard noble exiled from his own empire.
  • Alix Wilton Regan as Sebille, an elven assassin seeking vengeance against the Master who once enslaved her.
  • Tamaryn Payne as Lohse, a star musician possessed by an unwelcome – and powerful – visitor.
  • Chris Finney as Ifan ben-Mezd, a mercenary ex-soldier on the run from a haunted past.
  • Alec Newman as Beast, a rebel-turned-pirate who must save his people from their reckless and tyrannical queen.

Larian Studios has also stated that due to the sheer number of lines, players are encouraged to do multiple playthroughs of Divinity: Original Sin 2 — in order to listen to the full scope of all the dialogue present in the highly anticipated title.

Those unfamiliar with the upcoming game, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a fantasy role playing game that features deep turn-based combat, on top of giving players a branching epic narrative, incentivizing multiple playthroughs of the game.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 launched through the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter, where it was eventually backed by 40,000 fans. Since then the title has been sitting with an impressive 94% on Steam. The game is a direct sequel to the renowned and award winning Divinity: Original Sin, which itself achieved a Metacritic score of 94.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 will launch on September 14, 2017 For $56.20 CAD and $44.99 USD on Steam. The title is also available on Steam Early Access.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Controller Coming September

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Controller Coming September

Razer has unveiled their latest gaming peripheral — the Razer Ultimate Wolverine Controller for Xbox One and PC.

The Razer Ultimate Wolverine Controller is being described as an highly customizable, professional grade controller. The fully licensed controller boasts two interchangeable directional pads, a range of interchangeable thumbsticks with varying heights and utility, and a total of 6 remappable triggers and buttons.

Razer has also made sure that their upcoming controller supports Razer Synapse on Xbox One and PC. Additionally, the Razer Wolverine Ultimate Controller is fully integrated with support for the Razer Chroma SDK — in other words, both consumers and developers will be able to utilize Razer’s extensive and powerful LED lighting systems when using the Wolverine.

“We’ve taken our time with the development of the Razer Wolverine Ultimate to really get it right,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. “Thanks to endless design iterations and pro-gamer feedback, we’re proud to be finally releasing a new contender for the crown.”

A detailed breakdown of features has been attached below from Razer:

·         Remappable 2 Multi-Function Buttons & 4 Triggers
·         Razer Chroma lighting with full 16.8 million color options
·         Interchangeable D-Pad Individual and Tilting Designs
·         Interchangeable Thumbsticks
·         Hair-Trigger Mode with Trigger-Stop for rapid-fire
·         Quick Control Panel
·         Tactile Switch Action Buttons
·         Ergonomic Non-Slip Rubber Grip
·         Razer Synapse for Xbox app
·         Razer Chroma SDK enabled
·         Play Anywhere – Play on Xbox One or PC
·         3.5 mm audio port for stereo audio output and microphone input
·         Carrying case
·         Detachable 3 m / 10 ft lightweight braided fiber cable with Micro-USB connector
·       Approximate size: 106 mm / 4.17 in (Length) x 156 mm / 6.14 in (Width) x 66 mm /         2.60 in (Height)

·         Approximate weight (without cable): 260 g / 0.57 lbs


Razer Wolverine Ultimate Controller Coming September
Ultimately, it looks like Razer is trying to bring the same level of professional grade gear to the console crowd as they do to the PC one. The Razer Wolverine Ultimate Controller will join the Razer Thresher Ultimate wireless gaming headset and the Razer Atrox fight stick for Xbox One.
The Razer Ultimate Wolverine Controller will retail for $200.40 CAD, $159.99, €179.99 EU and will be available this September.

Gamescom 2017 Award Show Wrap Up

Gamescom 2017 Award Show Wrap Up

Gamescom 2017 just wrapped up their yearly awards show. Over 100 great upcoming titles were vetted, but alas only a handful of those ultimately made it out on top as winners.

Listed below are the winners in each individual category of Gamescom 2017’s Award Show:

Best of Gamescom Award:

Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo — The big winner of the coveted Best of Gamescom award went to none other than Nintendo’s upcoming Super Mario Odyssey. The highly anticipated Switch title also won in the Best Action Game and Most Wanted Consumer Award category.

Best Add On/DLC Award:

Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar, Electronic Arts

Best Booth Award:

Electronic Arts Gamescom Booth 2017, Electronic Arts

Best Console Games Category:

Sony PlayStation 4:

Assassin’s Creed Origins, Ubisoft

Microsoft Xbox One:

Middle-Earth: Shadow of WarWarner Bros.

Nintendo Switch:

Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo

Best PC Game:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Koch Media

Best Mobile Game:

Metroid: Samus Returns, Nintendo

Best In Genre Awards:

Best Role Playing Game:

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, Bandai Namco

Best Racing Game:

Forza Motorsport 7, Microsoft

Best Action Game:

Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo

Best Simulation Game:

Project CARS 2, Bandai Namco

Best Sports Game:

PES 2018, Konami

Best Family Game:

Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo

Best Strategy Game:

Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Ubisoft

Best Puzzle / Skill Game:

God’s Trigger, Techland

Best Social / Online Game:

Destiny 2, Activision Blizzard

Best Casual Game:

Hidden Agenda, Sony

Best Multiplayer Game:

Destiny 2, Activision Blizzard

Best Virtual Reality Game:

Fallout 4 VR, ZeniMax

Best Hardware:

Xbox One X, Microsoft

Consumer Awards Category:

Gamescom Most Wanted Title:

Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo

Best Indie Award:

Double Kick Heroes, Headbang Club

Overall, the Gamescom 2017 Awards had some interesting and more importantly well deserved winners. Nintendo really took it home with the game of the show: Super Mario Odyssey. The beloved games company also won in multiple categories with Samus Returns and Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle (with the aide of Ubisoft).

Blizzard Gamescom 2017 Rundown

Blizzard Gamescom 2017 Rundown

Blizzard’s Gamescom 2017 press conference just wrapped up.

Those who missed out on the live broadcast, can view a quick breakdown of the announcements below:

Blizzard began their show with a new Hearthstone themed short. The star of the new animated short is a young girl. In the trailer, the curious young girl seems to get spirited away to the fantastical world of Hearthstone.

The legendary games company also announced that the young girl from the just released short would be the star in upcoming comics and additional animated shorts.

A new trailer that acted as a closer look at the highly anticipated Kel’thuzard was shown off for Heroes of the Storm.

Kel’thuzard inclusion coincides with the recently announced Knights of the Frozen Throne downloadable content for Hearthstone.

Those unfamiliar with the sinister and powerful Kel’thuzard, the character was last seen in Warcraft III. kel’thuzard is the right hand man of the powerful Lich King and according to Blizzard, he is known as the “Betrayer of Humanity”.

In terms of game play mechanics  Kel’thuzard is more of a closed quarters suited melee focused Hero. Blizzard suggests using him in smaller maps that best utilize his unique play style.

His Q ability, Death and Decay, launches an orb that deals 150 damage in an area upon impact and leaves behind a pool of decay for two seconds that deals 70 damage every half second.

Additionally, Kel’thuzard comes equipped with his Frost Nova W ability, a ranged ability which explodes after a short delay upon use. the attack deals 212 damage and slows downs enemies inside the radius by 35% for 2.5 seconds.

Kel’thuzard’s final ability is his E Chains of Kel’thuzard, the attack launches a chain, dealing 97 damage to the first target or structure hit. the initial attack, for 4 seconds after being struck can be reactivated to launch and target additional enemies. Enemies can be pulled together, binding and stunning them for 0.5 seconds. Enemies can also be pulled with structures in addition to other Heroes.

Those interested in a more in-depth look at the highly anticipated Hero can view his Hero Spotlight video below:

Fans of World of Warcraft also received word of the latest 7.3 update coming to the famed MMORPG.

the latest 7.3 update will bring with the Shadows of Argus expansion, in it players will be able to leave Azeroth and embark on journey to Argus, home world of the dark Legion.

Blizzard is touting the latest expansion in being story heavy and epic in scale. Shadows of Argus will be available August 29th in North America, with additional regions receiving it with their regularly scheduled weekly updates.

Finally, Blizzard took the opportunity to unveil their latest animated short for Overwatch, this time staring the brilliantly gifted Mei, titled “Rise and Shine”. Those interested in an in-depth analysis of the new short are encouraged to check out CGM’s look at the just released short.

War Stories World Of Tanks Update Available Now On Consoles

War Stories World Of Tanks Update Available Now On Consoles

The new downloadable story content for World of Tanks is now available for all console versions of the popular Tank battle game.

Update 4.0, titled War Stories, was announced on the official website, and the highly anticipated single and co-op driven story content for World of Tanks is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

The War Stories downloadable content will be a console exclusive and more importantly, will be a free update. The new DLC will let players experience episodic stories based on real historic events in addition to alternate takes on historical timelines.

War Stories will be playable solo or with a friend in an exclusive co-op mode. New episodes will be added throughout the year, promising to keep things fresh and exciting for fans of World of Tanks.

One of the featured episodes in the War Stories DLC will be called “Flashpoint Berlin”, where players will engage in escalating conflicts and skirmishes set in Germany after the collapse of the Berlin Blockade.

Another episode that will be featured in the just released War Stories add-on will be known as “Brothers in Armor”. This episode will let players step into the shoes of a US Tank Commander as they learn the ins and outs of the legendary M4 Sherman Tank; this mission will act as a tutorial mode.

A new map will also be available starting today. The European inspired urban environment for Icebound will see players surrounded by the treacherous winter terrain. The map will feature machine gun nests and flames.

Additionally, the mini map within the game has received an overhaul. Up until now, the map was somewhat simplistic, but with the newest update for World of Tanks the map is now fully coloured, featuring detailed environments, elevation shading, and more.

Those interested in the full list of changes available with the War Stories update can visit the official website.

Square Enix Unveils Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Square Enix Unveils Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Square Enix doesn’t seem to be shying away from the Final Fantasy XV property. The renowned Japanese company has just announced Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition.

The aptly named Pocket Edition of Final Fantasy XV aims to deliver the full Final Fantasy XV narrative in mobile form. Due to obvious hardware limitations and artistic liberties, the game will boast a unique and all new aesthetic.

Graphically, the upcoming mobile experience looks like a cross between the popular Final Fantasy Theatrhythm games on the 3DS and the Nintendo DS iterations of Final Fantasy III and IV.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition seems to also feature some voiced dialogue—ripped straight out of the original console version. It is unclear whether the forthcoming mobile game will let players choose between different languages.

The announcement comes shortly after Nvidia announced Final Fantasy XV would be coming to Windows sometime in 2018.

A copy of the official press release for the just announced mobile title can be read below:

LOS ANGELES (Aug. 22, 2017) – Players will soon have even more ways to experience the FINAL FANTASY® XV Universe as SQUARE ENIX® today unveiled the FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION, FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION and a November 21 release date for MONSTER OF THE DEEP: FINAL FANTASY XV.

The FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION for iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices, to be released later this year, is an all-new adventure that retells the beloved story of FINAL FANTASY XV, giving fans and newcomers alike the freedom to journey through Eos whenever and from wherever they want. The mobile game features the main characters and story of the console version and newly-announced FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION, with an adorable art style and casual touch controls optimized for mobile devices. The main story is told across ten thrilling episodes, with all ten episodes available at launch and the first episode downloadable for free.