The Future of Street Fighter on PC Revealed Today

The Future of Street Fighter on PC Revealed Today - 2014-05-30 15:18:29

Even though the release of Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PC is still a few months away, users will be happy to know that Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition has now migrated to Steamworks.

Customers who own a digital copy though Steam will automatically transfer your save files to Steamworks. Owners of physical copies will be able to activate their CD key though Steam.

Unfortunately, all paid DLC obtained though the physical version will not be transferable.

Good news for those who lost their DLC, or need a copy of a game, as both the game and DLC are currently 75% for today only.

Games For Windows Live was a DRM “solution” by developers to use for their PC games. Companies such as Capcom, Rockstar, and WB Games used the service. Although paying customers had to “jump though hoops” just to play a game though it, pirated copies could completely get past all DRM.

The servers for Games for Windows Live will officially shut down on July 1st, and judging by gamer reaction, it doesn’t seem like they’ll miss it much.