Fortnite: Week 7 Challenges Leaked

Fortnite: Week 7 Challenges Leaked

Season 7 is wrapping up soon, but there’s still one more week of challenges left in store for Fortnite players. Thanks to some hardworking data miners, we now have the leaked lists for both the Free Pass and the paid Battle Pass. Let’s take a look at the newly discovered challenges.

Free Pass Challenges

  • Place a Mounted Turret or a Damage Trap in different matches 0/3
  • Search Chests at Lazy Links or Dusty Divot 0/7
  • Assault Rifle eliminations 0/3

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Deal damage with Scoped Weapons to opponents 0/200
  • Get high scores of 5 or more at shooting galleries in this order: 0/1
    • Wailing Woods
    • Retail Row
    • Paradise Palms
  • Visit Expedition Outposts in a single match 0/4
  • Hit an opponent with a Chiller Grenade or Boogie Bomb in different matches 0/3
Fortnite: Week 7 Challenges Leaked 1

Most of the upcoming week’s challenges are pretty straightforward. You’ll be able to complete all of the free challenges and most of the Battle Pass challenges within a few matches as long as you’re able to survive past the first few circles.

The only one that might be a little more time consuming is getting to all of the Expedition Outposts. As long as you’re able to grab a vehicle, it shouldn’t be too hard, just keep an eye out for other players because the areas are sure to be fairly populated.

Don’t worry about the shooting galleries either, they’re pretty easy to find and it isn’t that difficult to get a high score of 5 on each.