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The Flow Of Conversation 3

The Flow Of Conversation

While playing through L.A. Noire I found myself gradually developing an appreciation for another developer and their own technique.

The Return Of Cyberpunk 15

The Return Of Cyberpunk

It’s one of the small oddities of the medium of gaming that one particular genre seems tailor made for interactivity

The Language of Silence 7

The Language of Silence

Total darkness shrouds you. Armed with only a flashlight, a trembling beam of light guides you as the world you

The Clash of Tech & Artistry 5

The Clash of Tech & Artistry

We’ve come a long, long way from the Atari 2600 days, when you had to imagine that your green square

Playing With Identity 5

Playing With Identity

In just an hour or two playing games online — whether on your console or PC — expect to witness