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Pixels & Ink: Episode #309 - Remake Fever 1

Pixels & Ink: Episode #309 – Remake Fever

Although this pandemic has hit the pause button on many facets of life, it has yet to stop the downright bizarre nature of many of the game industry happenings—or the CGM staffs ability to sit down (remotely, of course) and discuss them.

Pixels & Ink: Episode #308 - Conpocalypse

Pixels & Ink: Episode #308 – Conpocalypse

This week, E3 2020 officially announced it would be cancelled, with many of the cons in the summer unsure if they will go forward, the CGM crew sit down (remotely) to discuss what this could mean for conventions and trade shows moving forward.

Terrible Warriors Spire 05

Spire 05: Twelve Coins

Derelictus is in chaos. After the brazen escape of twelve gnolls from the Arena the entire undercity has descended into

Terrible Warriors Spire 03

Spire 03 – Aelfir Dreams

In Spire there are a few Drow that have learned to operate among high elf and dark elf societies with