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The torch-lit stone bounces geometric shadows in the cramped shaft. My items: two stone picks, a shovel; some gravel, stone […]

Boiling Point

A conflict between the East and the West has been bubbling since the dawn of video game culture. And the […]

Toronto Comic Arts Festival: What You Missed at TCAF 2010

Every two years, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival unites hundreds of exhibitors with thousands of visitors. Preceded by four nights […]

Heavy Rain and the Impact On Games As Art

David Cage, the director and writer of Heavy Rain, made a sobering discovery about the public perception of video games. […]

Final Fantasy Games - Looking Back at the Single-Player Legends

Die-hard role playing gamers in their twenties and thirties have lived through years of the Final Fantasy franchise, arguably one […]

Hero Complex: How Gaming Defines the Power Fantasy

Recently I was talking to a producer working at one of the big, AAA publishers and naturally the topic wandered […]

Tron: Evolution Bring On The Neon

Invoking the name Tron amongst Generation X provokes inevitable conversation with buzz words like “Master Control Program”, “Light Cycles”, “Recognizers” […]

Building a Better Mouse With Disney's Epic Mickey

In the year 2028, Mickey Mouse will have been entertaining children for 100 years. That means the mouse that built […]

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