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The Best Upcoming Indie Games Of 2020

With plenty of indie games on display at PAX East 2020, we compiled a list of the best upcoming games to look forward to this year.

Wasteland 3 Is InExile’s Boldest Game Yet

Wasteland 3 is shaping up to be InExile Entertainment’s biggest game yet, as CEO Brian Fargo explains the studio’s emphasis on choice and what Microsoft brought to the table.

COMMENTARY: What is “Crunch" And Why Do Game Delays Hit Studios Harder?

Video game delays are becoming less of a surprise for eager players counting down on release dates.

BoP and the Evolution of Canon Harley Quinn

The first trailer for Birds of Prey: and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One, Harley Quinn was decidedly a middle finger […]

The Hunters Experience

I wasn’t around New York City in the 1970’s, but I’ve watched enough movies to gather a vague idea of […]

Fast Forward takes Toronto’s Auto Show Guests Across Time with Retro Arcade Games.

The glimmer of a red button entices players to start INFINITI’s latest video game exhibit at this year’s Canadian International […]

The Ninth Generation of Consoles Must Leave 30FPS Behind

Stopping to admire a high-resolution view of an open-world landscape should be a breathtaking thing to see over current-generation systems. […]

Unusual Games That Explore What the Medium Can Be

It’s been a few years since the gaming industry began flirting with what you might call the experimental. Digital distribution […]

Liked The Gentlemen? Then Watch These 5 British Crime Flicks

It’s been just over a week since Guy Ritchie’s latest, The Gentlemen, blew up big screens.  Bringing together an ace […]