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Total War: Shogun 2 E3 2010 Preview

Strategy games, real-time or otherwise, have been on something of a downturn in recent years. The emphasis on putting players […]

Vanquish E3 2010 Preview

The new game from Shinji Mikami, Vanquish, takes the standard cover based shooter and gives it a Japanese flavor. The […]

Rock Band 3: The Next Step in Music Games

Deep within the bowels of the C&G dungeons, it is common knowledge that I am a slave to the rhythm […]

Tron: Evolution Bring On The Neon

Invoking the name Tron amongst Generation X provokes inevitable conversation with buzz words like “Master Control Program”, “Light Cycles”, “Recognizers” […]

Building a Better Mouse With Disney's Epic Mickey

In the year 2028, Mickey Mouse will have been entertaining children for 100 years. That means the mouse that built […]

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