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Just Let Me Be A Bastard

I’m a pretty good guy in real life. I offer my seat on the bus to old ladies, I always […]

Comics: Indies vs. Mainstream

When most people hear the words “comic books,” they immediately associate it with superheroes like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, or the […]

The Divide Between Eastern & Western Game Philosophy

Recently I was talking to a producer working at one of the big, AAA publishers and naturally the topic wandered […]

I Died Alone With a Very High Score

Days after my fourth anniversary with my girlfriend we came upon the stark realization that things just weren’t working anymore. […]

Fear of the Unknown

I can still vividly remember the night I spent trying to sleep with the lights on after going to see […]

Co-op Doesn’t Have To Be A Four Letter Word

I’m not a fan of multi-player games in the conventional sense that we accept today. Being a fan of JRPGs […]

The Story Tells Itself

Right, now games, as an interactive medium have the newest and most unique mechanism for delivering stories in a way […]

Independent Developers and the Rebirth of Tough Games

You’re screaming out curses, you’re ready to throw your controller at the screen, your blood pressure has spiked to dangerous […]

Unsung Heroes: Luke Cage

Marvel Comics did not exclude themselves from the blaxploitation fad of the 1970’s.