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Gaming Has a Sequel Problem - Sound Off

Cody explores why the games industry reliesĀ on squeals and remakes, and why it needs to start looking at ways to […]

Sound Off - Do We Need Review Scores?

Cody looks at how review scores affect the industry and are review scores really necessary?

What Does the Switch Mean for Nintendo - Sound Off

What does the Switch mean for Nintendo, and can it have an impact on an industry that already has the […]

A Lesson for Nintendo - Sound Off

Are Nintendo's new controller patents good for their next console? Cody discusses why he believes Nintendo going touch is a […]

Is an Episodic Final Fantasy VII A Good Thing?

Is a more action-packed episodic Final Fantasy VII really what the fans want? Jordan and Cody of CGMagazine debate the […]

The Problems With Videogame Movies

Jordan looks at the current and past slate of videogame movies and explores what went wrong. Is there a way […]

Games Have Gotten Too Easy

Have games gotten too easy in recent years? Jordan Sounds Off on why this is a bad trend, and that […]

Voice Actors Deserve Publishers' Respect - Sound Off

Jordan talks about how the industry needs to respect the voice talent more and give them the same privileges other […]

AAA Is Dead On The PS Vita - Sound Off

Wayne goes over how the Vita is slowly becoming a system that the AAA industry has forsaken.

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