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Apr 21, 2012

CGPodcast April 20 2012

It is the week of April 21, 2012 and that means another episode of the C&G Magazine Podcast. The podcast is graced with all the usual members of the CGM crew: Brendan, Wayne, Melanie and Tim. A…

Apr 13, 2012

CG Podcast April 13, 2012

On the Post Pax Edition of the CG Podcast the crew listen to Tim talk about all the things that made PAX exciting. He dives deep into what is new with Borderlands 2, how it is different from the fi…

Apr 6, 2012

CG Podcast April 06, 2012

This week on the CG Podcast Wayne, Melanie and Brendan are stuck without Tim because he is on route to Pax East. They try their best to take on the news. They talk about the new Mass Effect 3 endin…

Mar 30, 2012

CG Podcast March 30, 2012

This week on the CGPodcast the crew talk more about the Mass Effect Ending outcry. They look into the new PS4 and what this system would mean for the gaming industry as a whole. Brendan and Wayne d…

Mar 23, 2012

C&G Podcast March 23, 2012

This week on the C&G Podcast we dive into the uprising over the Mass Effect 3 ending and the protest the fans are voicing. We also discuss Sony’s upcoming Little Big Planet kart racer, Elder Sc…

Mar 16, 2012

CGPodcast March 16 2012

This week on the C&G Podcast we dive deep into the news and talk about all the new release dates including Diablo III hitting May 15th. We also looked at the possible no disc drive new Xbox Rum…

Mar 9, 2012

CGPodcast March 09 2012

With GDC going on in San Francisco the C&G crew and special guest Stephanie Cooke talk about what interesting news is coming out from over there. The new Studio from Peter Molyneux, 22 Cans alo…

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