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Spire 06: The Vermission Prey

The Vermission Way was the great experiment that failed. Now the Spire is filled with empty rail tunnels that connect […]

Spire 05: Twelve Coins

Derelictus is in chaos. After the brazen escape of twelve gnolls from the Arena the entire undercity has descended into […]

Spire 04: The Battle of Harvest Moon

There are those who resist in The Spire through their works, through their performance, through their art. These Idols can […]

Spire 03 - Aelfir Dreams

In Spire there are a few Drow that have learned to operate among high elf and dark elf societies with […]

Spire 02: Two Sages Walk Into a Bar

Beneath mighty Spire lies the undercity of Derelictus. The last stop when you have no where else to go. Our […]

The Spire 01: Tales of The Harvest

The Spire, the mile-high tower city of the Drow, operates under the occupation of the High Elves. The Ministry of […]

Meet the Makers: Grant Howitt

Before venturing into the world of The Spire we thought it would be a good idea to talk to one […]

Meet the Makers: Sharang Biswas

Recorded in the halls of BreakoutCon2019 we got to a chance to meet Sharang Biswas. Sharang makes weird games, the […]

Meet the Makers: Banana Chan

Recorded in the halls of BreakoutCon2019 we got to a chance to meet Banana Chan. Along with being the owner […]

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