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Phantom Covert Ops (VR) Review

Phantom Covert Ops eventually runs out of water, but should be taken seriously as a creative take on the stealth action formula only VR platforms can do.

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection Review

By remastering Command & Conquer and Red Alert, EA has brought back two of the games that helped define the RTS genre.

Pokémon Shield Isle of Armor Expansion Review

The Isle of Armor isn’t much, but it’s a nice addition of content for an already great Pokémon game.

Outbuddies DX Review

With only a cursory understanding of what makes a “Metroidvania” interesting, Outbuddies is a game you don’t need to explore.

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes Review

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes is a game that in many ways, takes the essence of a good table-top game and directly translates it into a competent, online dungeon-crawling RPG.

Skelattack Review

The Metroidvania sub-genre of videogames are some of my favourites, particularly when talking about smaller, bite-sized releases. Skelattack, developed by […]

Persona 4 Golden (PC) Review

Persona 4 Golden remains one of my favourite RPGs of all time and this rock solid PC port is quickly becoming the definitive release of the game for me

XCOM 2 Collection Review

The XCOM 2 Collection on the Nintendo Switch shows that a great game can still make up for a lacklustre port.

The Last of Us Part II (PS4) Review

The Last of Us Part II is a perfectly paced emotional rollercoaster ride from start to finish and a worthy sequel that lives up to the original.