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Like a Boss review

Like a Boss review

Silly comedies that are destined for streaming services are my comfort food. It’s mainly the

The Turning (2020) Review 1

The Turning (2020) Review

What do serial killer Ed Gein and 1898’s horror novella, “The Turn of the Screw”

Dolittle (2020) Review

Dolittle (2020) Review

At first, I believed Dolittle had some promise. The idea that Dolittle himself (played haphazardly

The Two Popes (2019) Review 1

The Two Popes (2019) Review

The Vatican and the papacy are always relevant. Whether you’re studying its glorious and sordid

The Grudge (2020) Review 2

The Grudge (2020) Review

The reaction most people have had upon the release of 2020’s Grudge is “there’s another

Underwater (2020) Review

Underwater (2020) Review

Underwater horror elicits a special kind of dread. Some people don’t like space, some don’t

Little Women (2019) Review 1

Little Women (2019) Review

Greta Gerwig quickly shot up on my “directors to watch” list immediately after Lady Bird.

Uncut Gems (2019) Review

Uncut Gems (2019) Review

If you aren’t familiar with the Safdie brothers’ work, Uncut Gems might surprise you; and

Knives Out (2019) Review

Knives Out (2019) Review

Rian Johnson didn’t need to “redeem himself” for The Last Jedi no matter what side

CATS (2019) Review 1

CATS (2019) Review

The lights went up after the end credits of Cats and the room erupted with

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