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Cooper’s Camera (2008) Review 2
Nov 12, 2009
Festive family follies recorded over a stranger’s sex tape

Cooper’s Camera (2008) Review

Christmas movies typically fall into one of two categories – There are the bright and bubbly classics designed to make families feel warm on the holidays, and there are the dark satires that expos…

Corpo (2007) Review 2
Nov 12, 2009
CSI: Rio de Janeiro

Corpo (2007) Review

The feature debut from Brazilian husband-and-wife duo Rossana Foglia and Rubens Rewald, Corpo follows a morose coroner, Artur (Leonardo Medeiros) in his quest to identify a female corpse. But this…

The White Ribbon (2009) Review 3
Nov 12, 2009
Children of the Corn Community Theatre

The White Ribbon (2009) Review

There’s a mystery afoot in Michael Haneke’s stark and downbeat new thriller. The White Ribbon has already collected a mantel’s-worth of awards, beginning with the Palm d’Or at the 2009 Cannes Film…

The Trotsky (2009) Review 4
Nov 11, 2009
Popular Mechanics for Comrads

The Trotsky (2009) Review

The Trotsky is a movie that desperately wants to be a cult hit. Sure, it is definitely a bizarre comedy, but not one that is destined for cult status. It’s simply trying too hard to be strange rat…

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