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Cyborg Rebirth #1 (Comic) Review

1980 was a good year to be a kid. The Empire Strikes Back, Flash Gordon, and Superman II were on […]

HyperX CloudX Revolver Gears of War (Headset) Review

Co-developed by Microsoft and The Coalition, the HyperX CloudX Revolver Gears of War headset (which is a mouthful, for the […]

The Silver Case (PC) Review

The first thirty minutes of The Silver Case repelled me. The user interface was overwhelming, the primary mechanic was scrolling […]

Thumper (PS4) Review

Rarely do rhythm games provide a challenge to someone like me who has played nearly everything the genre has to […]

The Flash Season 3 Ep 2 (TV) Review

Barry Allen has made a mistake. Travelling back in time to save his mother, he changed his personal life, oddly, […]

The Accountant (Movie) Review

There are a number of ways to title an action movie. Generally, these titles involve a promise of excitement and […]

Shin Godzilla (Movie) Review

Anime is often looked down upon by hoity-toity snobs. “It’s too melodramatic.” “It’s silly.” “Their eyes are too big.” I’ve […]

Shadow Warrior 2 (PC) Review

Shadow Warrior 2 posed a bit of an interesting review for me. It’s the first time I’ve reviewed a game […]

Batman Rebirth: I Am Gotham (Comic) Review

Batman is born again. With DC Comics’ Rebirth initiative, their longstanding Batman title has restarted once more at #1. Their […]

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