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The Girl On The Train (Movie) Review

The Girl On The Train has been made and marketed to try to trick audiences into thinking that it’s Gone […]

Paper Mario: Color Splash (Wii U) Review

The Paper Mario franchise has stuck with me ever since I was a child. I’ll never forget the day I […]

Edge of Twilight: Return to Glory (PC) Review

The gaming world’s been through a lot in the past decade. Two console generations and numerous genre trends, not to […]

Event[0] (PC) Review

Event[0] is a curious game, I’ll admit. At its core, it’s a first-person adventure/ puzzle game with cumbersome controls (no […]

Luke Cage (TV) Review

You can’t talk about Luke Cage without talking about race. That’s not even a result of being a TV critic, […]

Yo-Kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits (3DS) Review

Yo-Kai Watch took me by complete surprise last year. Where recent offerings in the Pokemon franchise had left me wanting, […]

Gears of War 4 (Xbox One) Review

I found myself thinking "Well, this is more Gears of War all right" while playing Gears of War 4, but […]

Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice (3DS) Review

The phrase “Sonic Boom” is enough to send any Sonic fan reeling into flashbacks. Chugging frame rates, wonky controls, and […]

Transformers: The War Within Omnibus (Comic) Review

While the Transformers live-action films and cartoons have left older fans starved for content with some substance, the IDW comic […]

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