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Dantes Inferno: An Animated Epic (2010) Review 2
Feb 10, 2010

Dantes Inferno: An Animated Epic (2010) Review

Dante’s Inferno, a collaboration between EA Games and Film Roman, provides a new twist on the classic poem about a wayward visitor and the multiple layers of Hell. Utilizing an anthology-styl…

Frozen (2010) Review 4
Jan 10, 2010
Go skating, skating is nice

Frozen (2010) Review

Sometimes in horror movies, simplicity is key. Case in point: writer/director Adam Green’s latest thriller Frozen. The film follows three main characters, trapped on a ski lift several hundred fee…

Grown Up Movie Star (2009) Review 2
Nov 12, 2009
Coming of age on a cold, wet rock

Grown Up Movie Star (2009) Review

As with most films about coming to terms with sexuality, Adrianna Maggs’ directorial debut Grown Up Movie Star is rooted in tragic failures of communication. Set within an inaccessible Newfoundlan…

Cooper’s Camera (2008) Review 2
Nov 12, 2009
Festive family follies recorded over a stranger’s sex tape

Cooper’s Camera (2008) Review

Christmas movies typically fall into one of two categories – There are the bright and bubbly classics designed to make families feel warm on the holidays, and there are the dark satires that expos…

Corpo (2007) Review 2
Nov 12, 2009
CSI: Rio de Janeiro

Corpo (2007) Review

The feature debut from Brazilian husband-and-wife duo Rossana Foglia and Rubens Rewald, Corpo follows a morose coroner, Artur (Leonardo Medeiros) in his quest to identify a female corpse. But this…

The White Ribbon (2009) Review 3
Nov 12, 2009
Children of the Corn Community Theatre

The White Ribbon (2009) Review

There’s a mystery afoot in Michael Haneke’s stark and downbeat new thriller. The White Ribbon has already collected a mantel’s-worth of awards, beginning with the Palm d’Or at the 2009 Cannes Film…

The Trotsky (2009) Review 4
Nov 11, 2009
Popular Mechanics for Comrads

The Trotsky (2009) Review

The Trotsky is a movie that desperately wants to be a cult hit. Sure, it is definitely a bizarre comedy, but not one that is destined for cult status. It’s simply trying too hard to be strange rat…

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