Metin2 Conqueror’s Bundle Codes Giveaway

10 Codes up for Grabs

CGM has teamed up with Gameforge to give away 10 Conqueror’s Bundle Codes for legendary action MMO, Metin2, one of the biggest MMO’s currently available. Expanding on the vast world of Metin2, this new, free expansion, Conquerors of Yohara introduces a new continent, which comes complete with mystifying new zones to explore, challenging quests to tackle, and deadly dungeons to conquer. Players will experience a new chapter in the legendary tale as they prepare to vanquish the Sung Mahi Empire, a powerful force that is gaining power in the new continent of Yohara and threatening to destroy the lands beyond its dark shores.

Each code will unlock 1x Sun Elixer, 1x Moon Elixer, 1x Donnie a.k.a. Killer Bunny, 5x Concentrated Reading, 1x Aura Fire Rune (100), 2x Redux Tome, 2x Redux Elixir, and 5x Small Redux Stone. Enter today and jump into the exciting fantasy action witha few extra goodies to make the journey a bit more fun!

There has never been a better time to jump into Metin2 with in-game events and experience boosts taking place from August 11 until 2 weeks following the release of the expansion to help players catch up with friends and prepare to take on the challenges of the new continent together.