FairPoint Communications to Offer Gigabit Internet Service in Portsmouth, N.H.

MANCHESTER, N.H., Nov. 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FairPoint Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:FRP), a leading provider of advanced communications technology in northern New England, today announced that up to 1 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) fiber Internet service is coming to Portsmouth, N.H. and certain surrounding communities.* This is the first time FairPoint has delivered gigabit Internet service to residential customers anywhere in its footprint and adds to the list of high-speed Internet and Ethernet network options already available to business customers. The new super high-speed Internet service will allow customers to instantly send and receive files, conduct online video chats, stream multiple high-definition movies, connect to cloud-based applications, seamlessly connect multiple mobile devices to the network, and more.

“We’re excited to announce Portsmouth as our first gigabit-enabled city,” said John Lunny, FairPoint Communications Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “Our fiber-to-the-premise gigabit Internet service rollout demonstrates our commitment to leveraging our extensive fiber network and dense metro Ethernet backbone in response to growing customer demand for higher speed services. We continue to invest in our technology infrastructure and advanced services capabilities in support of a wide variety of new consumer and business offerings.”

The fiber-based gigabit Internet service will be available for a limited time at promotional prices starting at $84.99 per month for consumers and $145.99 per month for businesses. FairPoint is also introducing a wide range of new Internet service tiers. FairPoint’s new services have download speeds starting at 150 megabits-per-second (Mbps) up to 1 Gbps, and upload speeds starting at 75 Mbps up to 1 Gbps. FairPoint’s most robust new offering is a symmetrical 1 Gbps service with the same speed for both uploads and downloads.

Speeds of 1 Gbps are about 100 times faster than the average fixed high-speed Internet connection, according to the Federal Communications Commission. At this Internet speed, consumers could download a four-minute song (4MB) instantly or download a two-hour HD movie (4.5GB) in approximately 36 seconds. It could take less than 5 seconds to upload large videos to YouTube (500MB) or to upload 50 photos (100MB) to social media sites.

“Gigabit Internet service enables multiple users in a household to simultaneously stream high-definition and ultra-high-definition video and gaming applications, download music, share photos and videos, and work from home with a very high-quality user experience,” said Lunny.

Along with Portsmouth, N.H., FairPoint’s new gigabit Internet service will be available in December 2015 to residents and businesses at select addresses eligible for FairPoint’s fiber-based services in Greenland, N.H., New Castle, N.H., Newington, N.H., Rye, N.H. and Stratham, N.H. To register to be notified when service becomes available, visit www.fairpoint.com/1gig.

*Services are provided through operating subsidiaries of FairPoint Communications, Inc. Gigabit Internet services available in select areas. Internet speed claims represent maximum network service capability. Actual customer speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Actual speeds vary based on a number of factors including site traffic and congestion, components within your computer such as processor speeds, memory and hardware and software configuration, content provider server capacity, internal network management factors and customer device capabilities.

About FairPoint Communications, Inc.

FairPoint Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:FRP) provides advanced data, voice and video technologies to single and multi-site businesses, public and private institutions, consumers, wireless companies and wholesale re-sellers in 17 states. Leveraging an owned, fiber-core Ethernet network – with more than 20,000 route miles of fiber, including approximately 17,000 route miles of fiber in northern New England – FairPoint has the network coverage, scalable bandwidth and transport capacity to support enhanced applications, including the next generation of mobile and cloud-based communications, such as small cell wireless backhaul technology, voice over IP, data center colocation services, managed services and disaster recovery. For more information, visit www.FairPoint.com.