Good Luck 3’s New Social Platform "LuckyMe" Pioneers with Blockchain Technology and Prepares for Japan’s First Game-Oriented ICO

FUKUOKA, Japan–GoodLuck3 Inc (Based in Fukuoka, CEO: Kazuhisa Inoue) holding a vision of “Evolving the World’s Game community” has set forth an Initial Coin
Offering (ICO) in order to release “LuckyMe”, a Game-centered social
network platform.

The purpose of LuckyMe seeks to bring forth a new ecosystem closely
tying together Games and Gamers alike.

Good Luck 3'S New Social Platform &Quot;Luckyme&Quot; Pioneers With Blockchain Technology And Prepares For Japan'S First Game-Oriented Ico

Treating Game Experience as an Asset

LuckyMe is a social platform that treats a Gamer’s cultivated
experiences as an exchangeable asset.

When a player invests time and money into a game, their knowledge
becomes valuable and worth preserving, but furthermore once they have
exhausted time and interest into a given title, such knowledge may
become lost.

Game Experience is not adequately appreciated or assessed by existing
platforms, and in being slighted, a gamer’s refined insight is further
buried and harder to discover in net-space.

To resolve the apparent disconnect we are structuring a Gamer-dominated
community, run for gamers, by gamers, where we host and transmit the
merit of a gamer’s experience explicitly in the form of a token we call

On LuckyMe LUCKCOIN tokens are issued as a form of currency to Gamers
who reign supreme over the creation or evaluation of content and quality
articles. LUCKCOIN tokens can be exchanged internally or externally and
thus appraise the value of the LuckyMe platform as transactions are
forged from a wholesome community between quality Gamers sharing
experiences and information.

GoodLuck3 becomes Fukuoka’s Representative and
best venture at world renown StartUp Event, “SLUSH”.

In September, the LuckyMe business concept took home top praise at
SLUSH’s Fukuoka Regional StartUp Pitch Contest. Taking grand prize
served as the impetus and validation to commence development on this
Gamer-oriented social network platform.


To fund the development of LuckyMe, we are planning an Initial Coin
Offering. Details outlining the ICO will be disclosed to the public in
tandem with our forthcoming WhitePaper.


Kazuhisa Inoue: CEO

  • Entered Dream Incubator in 2004 where he performed Business Strategy
    Consultancy for Internet, and Mobile Content.
  • Led Venture Anime Studio “DLE” to Initial public offering.
  • In 2011, assumed the role of managing director at “Delight”
    (Subsidiary of Dream Incubator) expanding the development of social
    game businesses in Fukuoka.
  • In 2013, Founded “GoodLuck3”. Aspiring to construct a type of “Mobile
    Amusement Park”, he sought out to raise over $8 million in seed
    funding, acquired content rights from “Sanrio”, and created a
    partnership with Huis Ten Bosch Amusement Park.

Masaaki Hatamura: Producer

  • Entered DeNA in 2004 and conceived the construction of Japan’s leading
    Game & SNS site, “Mobile Game Town”.
  • 5 time 1st place and grand prize winner as the top contributor to web
    development at the “Web Creation Awards”
  • While still at DeNA, he constructed and led the localization of
    English and Chinese platforms contributing to business expansion.
  • In 2012, Entered Square Enix where he created numerous platforms
    catered towards both domestic and abroad markets, and through Social
    Game based platform “Square Enix Bridge”, unified players and service
  • From August he has focused on Bitcoin and Blockchain and in wanting to
    realize a platform that is run for users by users, has taken part in
    this project.

Partnership Enterprises

Haw International: Blockchain Specialist Firm

Haw international specializes in observing all platforms involved in the
circulation of digital assets and performs collaborative research with
Kinki University professors focusing on the number of Bitcoin 2.0
products using “Open Assets Protocol” to standardize the implementation
of Tokens.

Furthermore, Haw International collaborates for the advancement of the
practical application of Blockchain technology with major financing
groups such as the Fukuoka and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Groups, Tokyo
short term loans and the Japanese Institute of General Studies.

Homepage: http://www.haw.co.jp/english/

GoodLuck3 Company information

Past Achievements

Founded in 2013. Created hit social games such as the “Touch! Gudetama.”
series and “Aerial Legends” which exceeded 3 million and 900,000
downloads respectively.
The Film and Performing Arts division has
broadcasted the “Method of Life” series which took the grand prize at
2017’s Fukuoka’s Business and DigitalContents award show.

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