Narrative Elements Grounds Gunzilla Games’ Multiplayer Shooter Attractive for Players from All Genre Backgrounds, Bestseller Author Richard K. Morgan Revealed at Comic Con Ukraine

During Comic Con Ukraine in Kyiv on September 4 and 5, 2021, bestseller author Richard K. Morgan (Altered Carbon) took the stage to talk about his role as a script writer for Gunzilla Games, a video game developer established to create the next evolution of multiplayer shooter games with a strong emphasis on narration.

He shared insights on Gunzilla’s yet unannounced debut project, a AAA multiplayer shooter for ®5, Xbox Series X|S and PC, and on how to attract players from different genre backgrounds.

At Gunzilla, Richard K. Morgan is in charge of building the game’s own universe, as well as defining its story and characters, together with Executive Narrative Director Olivier Henriot, and Chief Visionary Officer Neill Blomkamp. He explained how narrative elements will enrich the usual multiplayer shooter experience, add to the gameplay and open up additional playstyle approaches to provide the players with a more explorative or adventurous experience in addition to the action of the genre. At the same time, Gunzilla’s upcoming game will be offering genre fans elaborated core mechanics, without diminishing features genre veterans are after.

Narrative Elements Grounds Gunzilla Games’ Multiplayer Shooter Attractive For Players From All Genre Backgrounds, Bestseller Author Richard K. Morgan Revealed At Comic Con Ukraine
Gunzilla Games

“Usually, in multiplayer shooters, all the detailed world and elements, which tell a story of their own, remain largely unexploited, due to focus on the main action. At Gunzilla we want players to be able to explore and progressively understand the world in which they operate. We want to offer options to do, see and experience more. Our robust reward system will allow players to benefit from completing narrative driven challenges that will populate the game world, without having to focus on the usual multiplayer shooter performance indicators, precision, and action-focused elements”, stated Richard Morgan.

“In addition, our game will offer a strong reputation system, which are intrinsically tied to the game’s narration – we want the players to feel recognized and acknowledged in this world. Players can progress, even apart from the usual genre action. If players with a focus on RPGs want to play our game similar to their favorite genre, or rather just explore the world, they can do that! Of course, for those looking for a more straightforward shooter experience, our game will also offer that. The narration should never be in the way of the gameplay, especially in a multiplayer game. This is in line with our focus on players’ freedom: they should be able to choose their level of involvement in the narrative and not feel forced to experience it.”, said Richard K. Morgan during Ukraine.

of Gunzilla’s AAA multiplayer shooter for new-gen platforms has started about a year ago. More details, especially on the game’s setting and launch timing, will be revealed at a later time. To make sure you don’t miss any updates, and for more information on Gunzilla and its project, follow the studio on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

About Gunzilla:
Founded in 2020, Gunzilla Games is a fresh, independent AAA developer working on its next-generation multiplayer shooter IP in three metropolitan locations: Frankfurt, Germany (HQ); Los Angeles, USA; and Kyiv, Ukraine. The company is helmed by Ex-Crytek board member, CSO Alexander Zoll, together with serial entrepreneur and CEO, Vlad Korolev. Gunzilla is built on the desire to innovate and push the limits of the industry.

Gunzilla’s formidable team of talent come from a variety of industry-leading studios and publishers, including Ubisoft, Electronic Arts (EA), THQ and more. Oscar-nominated screenwriter, director and producer Neill Blomkamp joined Gunzilla as Chief Visionary Officer. In addition, the team features industry veterans like video game writer Olivier Henriot who helped shape the story of such notable games such as Assassin’s Creed, The Division, Far Cry and many more, and Richard K. Morgan, the author of the Altered Carbon series, which has since been adapted into a popular Netflix show. Gunzilla’s Chief Officer Timur Davidenko led the development of as Technical Director, and worked on Far Cry, Warface and Crysis. Art Director Jussi Keteli was involved in the iconic Gears of War series, Star Citizen and Hunt: Showdown.

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