JLab Launches New Headset, Specific for Working From Home

JLab’s upcoming addition considers the changes to current work settings with its unique features.

JLab, leading audio company and number one true wireless brand in the US, today announces its first product in the Work Category, the GO Work headset. Designed as the company recognised that whether working from home, an office, or on the road, a quality headset is a must, it provides users with multipoint connectivity for devices and brings JLab’s signature accessibly priced innovation to a new category focused on productivity. Typical of JLab products, the GO Work is equipped with technology and features available for a very affordable price of £49.99/ €59.99/ $49.99 from Argos, and coming soon at other retailers in the UK and Ireland. BestBuy and Amazon stock in the USA.

JLab developed the GO Work headset to answer the specific requests of those who cannot find an affordable, quality headset that solves their needs throughout the workday. Most Bluetooth headsets and earbuds only allow for one device to be connected at a time, requiring users to fumble with settings when switching from their computer’s audio to their phone to take a call, or requiring them to have an additional audio device at the ready. The Bluetooth multipoint connectivity feature of the GO Work headset allows users to transfer seamlessly between their phone and computer without having to adjust the Bluetooth settings on either device.

Jlab Launches New Headset, Specific For Working From Home 2

The feature-rich elements of the GO Work don’t stop at its multipoint connectivity. The new headset features 45+ hours of playtime on a single charge thanks to its 500mAh battery. If there are times when users prefer to plug the headset in or using Bluetooth is not an option, an auxiliary USB-C to 3.5mm cable is included to ensure the device can continue to be used. The headset also provides impressive sound quality with a 40mm dynamic driver and with two optional listening modes, Work and Music Mode, the GO Work can be used whether on a call with team members or just listening to background music to help focus on the task in hand.

Weighing just 170g and equipped with Cloud Foam earcup cushions, the headset is a comfortable wear for long periods of time so can be used throughout the whole working day with no problems. Using the external rotating boom microphone also allows workers to rotate the microphone vertically when it is not in use for convenience and to ensure it is kept out of sight. When in use, the C3 Calling dual microphones eliminate ambient sounds so the user can easily be heard in noisy environments therefore keeping group video or voice calls smooth and without distractions. If wanting to mute, there is an intuitively placed mute button which activates a red LED at the end of the microphone so users are visually reminded when they have muted themselves saving many embarrassing comments.

“The office environment has changed drastically in the last year, but the needs of those who use a computer for their job has not. Two devices are standard issue for many of us, no matter where our office is or what our office looks like. I know that the GO Work’s multipoint connectivity, and exceptional quality, will make it an easy upgrade for those working from home or the office. Not to mention JLab, as usual, is keeping other over-priced brands honest by adding an accessibly priced product to the productivity category,” said JLab CEO Win Cramer.