Neat Microphones’ Eagerly Anticipated King Bee II XLR Microphone Is Making a Big Landing November 16

Neat Microphones, the innovative brand of high-quality digital USB and analog microphones, today announced its King Bee II XLR microphone.

King Bee II will launch in the UK and across Europe on November 19, 2021. The Neat Microphones team is the same group of experts that founded Blue Microphones and is known for designing award-winning analog XLR and digital USB microphones that have transformed how professional creators capture their voice, music, and more. King Bee II is Neat Microphones’ highly anticipated successor to their original King Bee, which was coveted by recording enthusiasts for the studio-quality performance is offered at a remarkable price.

King Bee II continues its heritage of delivering top recording performance for the unrivaled MSRP of $169.99, and is available for pre-order today at participating retailers, including Amazon, Sweetwater, American Music Supply, and zZounds.

“We have the pinnacle team in microphones creating new products that continue to reshape expectations for high-performance mics, and the King Bee II is a testament to their continued expertise,” said Juergen Stark, Chairman, and CEO, Turtle Beach Corporation. “The original King Bee played a key role in bringing the Neat brand to life. As Neat’s all-new flagship microphone, the King Bee II again plays an important part as we enter the multi-billion-dollar global microphone market with our latest high-performance microphone with a price that can’t be ignored.”

Neat Microphones’ Eagerly Anticipated King Bee Ii Xlr Microphone Is Making A Big Landing November 16
King Bee II

“The King Bee II is a powerful new addition to our historic line-up, and I’m excited to get it in people’s hands to see and hear what the world’s leading creators produce with it,” said Skipper Wise, Founder of Neat Microphones and Vice President at Turtle Beach. “We pride ourselves on the level of quality, performance, and value we put into our microphones, and the King Bee II is a true testament to our team’s storied microphone development over the last 30 years.”

Neat Microphones’ Eagerly Anticipated King Bee Ii Xlr Microphone Is Making A Big Landing November 16

For all content creators, Neat Microphones offers outstanding versatility and incredible sound quality with this mic. Vocals, drums, electric guitar, piano, and acoustic instruments shine with the new mic, and spoken word applications, from voiceovers to podcasting to streaming content, can be captured with crystal-clear clarity and depth. Thanks to customized Class-A discrete electronics, powerful design, and a large 34mm precision, gold-sputtered condenser microphone capsule, what you hear at the output is what the King Bee II hears at its input.

For the latest information on the Neat Microphones lineup of professional and consumer microphones, visit their website.