The rock space AC2100 Wi-Fi Range Extender which can cover up to 1292sq feet and coverage in 8 rooms is currently on sale at Amazon

The rock space AC2100 has four external antennas and effective wall penetration boasts three different modes and 4T4R MU-MIMO technology, enhancing networking setups for all needs.

Meticulously designed to combat Wi-Fi ‘deadzones’,  slow networks, and homes that are overcrowded with multiple devices, the rock space AC2100 Wi-Fi Range Extender Digital from product and connectivity experts, rock space, is an ideal option to minimise network lags and provide a seamless surfing experience. 

The previous extender from rock space, the AC1200, was the top-selling product in the 1200mbps range on Amazon and the AC2100 promises to do the same. The dual-band system is designed to cover up a 1292 sq. ft area, with coverage in up to 8 rooms and 100+ devices, helping users to minimise lagging and data transmission times, for a more enjoyable experience online. The AC2100 provides up to 300 Mbps for 2.4 GHz and 1734 Mbps performance on a 5 GHz band, ensuring incredibly fast download speed.

Equipped with 4 high-quality PCB dual-band antennas and 4T4R MU-MIMO technology, the device is able to automatically select high-quality channels for stable, reliable, and fast internet that is far superior to traditional 2T2R MU-MIMO technology. The built-in smart signal switch helps users to quickly and easily locate the best setup spot for the extender, finding the steadiest connection. For those that struggle with wall blockage interfering with connectivity, the AC2100 is a fantastic solution, boasting strong wall penetration that is suitable for any type of building. Whether the user is living in a large multi-story house or working in an outbuilding, this Wi-Fi extender can fulfill every need.

The Rock Space Ac2100 Wi-Fi Range Extender Which Can Cover Up To 1292Sq Feet And Coverage In 8 Rooms Is Currently On Sale At Amazon
The Rock Space Ac2100 Wi-Fi Range Extender Which Can Cover Up To 1292Sq Feet And Coverage In 8 Rooms Is Currently On Sale At Amazon

All previous rock space products offer universal compatibility, and the AC2100 is no exception. It is compatible with any wireless Wi-Fi router, gateway, or access point, extending the Wi-Fi signal to any type of devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and smart home devices. Users can expect improved speeds on smart TVs and gaming consoles via the Gigabit Ethernet port. The device also has three different modes that can be activated by the user: repeater mode, bridge mode, and access point mode. The modes can be switched to suit different types of networks, so the AC2100 is impressively versatile and suitable for a huge range of networks.

Setting up a Wi-Fi extender has never been easier, with a simple 2-step process; easily connect the AC2100 to an existing network, and use the signal lights to locate the perfect location to install. Blue lights indicate a good connection, and red lights indicate a bad connection. To better extend the signal, the upper antennas can be rotated by 270 degrees, whereas the lower antennas can be rotated by 180 degrees. The memory function also ensures that the device only needs to be set up once, and can be relocated around the house without needing to repeat the setup process.

The rock space AC2100 is currently on offer at Amazon for just $54.29 (RRP $89.99) using the Amazon discount coupon and Amazon UK for just £49.99 (RRP £79.99).