Shang-Chi Breaks Labor Day Records With a $71m Opening Weekend

Shang-Chi made its debut in theatres this Labor Day weekend and has managed to rake in an impressive $71.4 million USD on its domestic opening. 

The movie now sits among Marvel’s top 30 biggest box office openers and has even gone on to break labour day records which are usually described as ‘sluggish’.

So how did Shang-Chi rank compared to other Marvel Movies’ box office opening weekends?

As part of their Movie Production Companies Report, the broadband team at Uswitch have crunched the numbers to reveal that Shang-Chi has managed to rank in 30th place for Marvel box office opening weekend figures, despite the pandemic.

Shang-Chi made $71 million over Labor Day weekend, and the movie has snagged a spot above past Marvel blockbusters Captain America: The First Avenger and Antman that both made under $66 million for their box office debut. 

It has even surpassed the most recent Labour Day record holder, Halloween, back in 2007 that grossed $30.6 million during its opening weekend. 

Here is how Marvel’s other movies ranked for their box office debut: 

RankTitleOpeningWeekend ($)
1Avengers: Endgame357,115,007
2Avengers: Infinity War257,698,183
3The Avengers207,438,708
4Black Panther202,003,951
5Avengers: Age of Ultron191,271,109
6Captain America: Civil War179,139,142
7Iron Man 3174,144,585
9Captain Marvel153,433,423
9Spider-Man 3151,116,516
10Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2146,510,104
12Iron Man 2128,122,480
13Deadpool 2125,507,153
14Thor: Ragnarok122,744,989
15Spider-Man: Homecoming117,027,503
17Iron Man102,118,668
18Captain America: The Winter Soldier95,023,721
19Guardians of the Galaxy94,320,883
20Spider-Man: Far From Home92,579,212
21The Amazing Spider-Man 291,608,337
23Spider-Man 288,156,227
24Thor: The Dark World85,737,841
25Doctor Strange85,058,311
26X-Men Origins: Wolverine85,058,003
27Black Widow80,366,312
29Ant-Man and the Wasp75,812,205
30Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings71,400,000

A new study by Uswitch.com, the comparison and switching service, has revealed Marvel Studios as the most profitable Hollywood production company.

The study gathered data, from The Numbers, on over 700 movies from Hollywood’s most profitable film companies, which included box office sales, director names, genres, and IMDb rating of their biggest films of all time.

Most profitable production companies:

RankProduction CompanyAvg. ProductionBudget (£)Avg. WorldwideBox Office (£)Avg. Profit (£, Box Office – Budget) /10Avg. IMDb Rating /10)Score /20
1Marvel Studios113,632,904495,885,87310.06.916.9
3Walt Disney Pictures122,494,829465,982,6078.77.015.7
5Warner Bros95,317,798428,336,8898.37.115.4
6Universal Pictures71,787,433398,590,2978.16.714.8
7Heyday Films72,565,393377,023,1757.37.414.7
8Columbia Pictures81,668,024352,154,9846.26.813.0
9Paramount Pictures85,905,652346,744,2075.86.712.6
1020th Century Fox67,529,626323,972,0755.76.812.5
11DreamWorks Animation86,669,578313,147,3104.66.911.6
12Legendary Pictures78,201,830254,568,5574.56.511.0
13Amblin Entertainment12,732,102209,767,1473.66.710.3
14New Line Cinema45,813,945209,949,9772.56.59.0
15DreamWorks Pictures55,183,880178,671,0601.16.98.0
16Village Roadshow Productions63,333,798190,352,9761.26.57.7
17Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures48,013,476170,183,5671.16.67.7
18Regency Enterprises39,443,090151,519,4190.76.97.7
19Relativity Media58,743,034167,040,7110.66.47.0
20Dune Entertainment49,955,237141,187,2020.06.46.4

With an average profit of £382,252,969 and an average IMDb score of 6.9/10 per film, Marvel Studios scored 16.9/20 on the Index, beating Disney-Pixar’s 16.5/20.

The Marvel films, most of which feature on Disney’s streaming network, Disney+, have also been pivotal to its success and opening up the service to a wider audience.

The study, which also analyzed which directors made their production companies the biggest return on investment, found that the directors responsible for Gone With the Wind: Victor Fleming, George Cukor, and Sam Wood, made the biggest gross profits.