Notorious Gamergater Creates Comic for the Alt-Right Crowd

| Oct 12, 2017
Notorious Gamergater Creates Comic for the Alt-Right Crowd

A new comic aimed at the Alt-Right crowd has raised more than $100,000, exceeding its initial goal of $25,000 with 17 days left.

Alt★Hero touts itself is as being a comic series intended to challenge and eventually replace the “SJW-converged” comics of DC and Marvel. The upcoming alternative focused comic is currently on the crowdfunding site Freestartr, a website dedicated to enabling free speech to all content creators.

“Everyone hates what Marvel has become. Their declining sales prove that no one wants to buy comics written by social justice warriors, especially when they feature absurdities like She-Thor spouting feminist talking points, an affirmative-action Ironman who can do no wrong, or a black, lesbian, HIV-positive refugee Batman in a wheelchair writing virtue-signaling poetry on Facebook. We’re bringing back real heroes, real villains, and real action, and we’re going to give the readers great stories instead of preaching social justice at them,” said Vox Day, a game designer notorious for the Gamergate controversy and for disrupting the Science Fiction awards.

Day will be writing six volumes of the series alongside Chuck Dixon, who has worked on Batman, Nightwing, and The Punisher.

As the name suggests, Alt★Hero takes place in a world parallel to real-world history. Many of the character designs present within the upcoming series seem to be direct parodies of iconic DC and Marvel superheroes such as Wonder Woman and Captain America, including a Confederate flag clad heroine named Rebel and Michael Martel, a vigilante who drops off criminal undocumented immigrants at the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement office.

Those interested in checking out Alt★Hero for themselves can visit the official crowdfunding page on Freestartr and even read some of the panels from the comic.

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