Destiny 2 Gets in the Halloween Spirit This October

destiny-2-is-in-a-spooky-mood-this-october-with-new-merch-and-their-yearly-halloween-tradition 198310

Destiny 2 players are ready to sport scary or funny masks this Halloween…or maybe even complete challenges to receive Halloween candy!

Trick or Treat! But these Destiny 2 new items are no trick: the Legendary Sniper Rifle Mechabre, a Mech-themed armour ornament set, and additional cosmetics are available as your sweet treat for the Festival of the Lost Event Card.

Destiny-2-Is-In-A-Spooky-Mood-This-October-With-New-Merch-And-Their-Yearly-Halloween-Tradition 453845

“The new Festival of the Lost Event Card introduces challenges as well as free and premium rewards for all players.” The Destiny 2 Event Card can be used to unlock cosmetic items like: A new emote, ship, Exotic Ghost, and more. Watch out this Halloween as the ghoulish Cabal could trick you out of your much-deserved treats! “Guardians can explore the frightening Haunted Sector playlist, where players take on the Headless Ones in new and returning Haunted Sectors.”

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While you are relishing in your new candy and treats, if you ever get bored with Halloween (realistically, how could you?) you can still expect to reap the benefits of treasures from the Season of Plunder, which will go on until December 6, 2022.

When we said “Trick or treat, give me something good to eat!” We really weren’t expecting much, but Bungie heard us either way and is feeding us new Destiny 2 merch this Halloween! The new Headless One T-Shirt is available right now for Guardians that achieve the Bookworm 1 Triumph by unlocking 1/3 of the pages for Book of the Forgotten during the event. 

Destiny-2-Is-In-A-Spooky-Mood-This-October-With-New-Merch-And-Their-Yearly-Halloween-Tradition 665416

Not only that, the collectable Ghost Writer Medallion Pin is also available for pre-order for those who have completed the in-game Seal and the title associated with it. Keep your eye on these merch drops as they’ll be gone along with the event on November 8th, 2022. You really don’t want to miss these!

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