Fans Find Way To Re-Download P.T.​

| Dec 16, 2015
Fans Find Way To Re-Download P.T.​

As many of you may know P.T. was a game released on PSN as a teaser for the new Silent Hill installment that Kojima and Del toro were working on. Due to some internal issues at Konami, the game was canceled and P.T. was taken down from PSN. If you somehow deleted your game, there may be a way to get it back.

Some clever fans over on the gamexeon forums have detailed a way you can use a proxy named SUWI to allow your PC to act as a proxy and be able to complete the download of your long-lost game. Please note: as with anything that goes around the normal channels, there are always risks.

At this time we at CGMagazine has not tested out this method, although many people on Reddit claim it works. If you want to give it a go, head over to the forums and get the required tools. P.T. was a title that even as a playable teaser, was one the scariest games on the PS4 system, so it is well worth playing if you never got a chance before you deleted it.

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