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Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: Lechuck’s Revenge (Xbox 360) Review 1
Oct 18, 2010

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge (XBOX 360) Review

Old Friends, Good Times It’s one of those little things, but I always get a slight tingle of pleasure whenever I get to write the words “adventure” as a genre to describe a game. It’s a marginal…

Kane And Lynch 2: Dog Days (Ps3) Review 2
Oct 18, 2010

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days (PS3) Review

The Boys Are Back Kane and Lynch are the eponymous pair of the sequel to the 2007 3rd person, cover based shooter about a sociopath and a psychopath bringing gunfire and chaos wherever they…

Mafia Ii (Ps3) Review 8
Oct 18, 2010

Mafia II (PS3) Review

Organized crime is nothing new to gaming. From Grand Theft Auto to the Godfather franchise itself, there’s a longstanding fascination amongst the gaming public to put on the shoes of a Wiseguy and …

Greed Corp. (Pc) Review 2
Oct 18, 2010

Greed Corp. (PC) Review

Remember when you and a group of friends would get together and have a board game night? There would be chips, drinks, pizza, and maybe a game of Catan. Well, Greed Corp brings back these sorts of …

Split Second (Ps3) Review 3
Oct 18, 2010

Split Second (PS3) Review

The arcade racer is something we all grew up with. It is a game that does not necessarily worry about realism. Instead, it frees up the controls, focuses on the fun, and lets your friends join …

Starcraft 2: Wings Of Liberty (Pc) Review 4
Oct 18, 2010

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty (PC) Review

Starcraft, released during March of 1998, was a phenomenon when it hit store shelves. With a concept that expanded on the Warcraft II formula, Starcraft launched the original Orcs and Humans classi…

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