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The Muppets (Movie) Review 1

The Muppets (Movie) Review

If ever encounter someone who hates the Muppets, chances are they shouldn’t be trusted. Something about Jim Henson’s charmingly hilarious felt creations have captured the

Hugo (Movie) Review 1

Hugo (Movie) Review

Taking a break from his usual pet themes of having gangsters kill each other or Oscar-baiting with Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese has gone and made

Immortals (Movie) Review 2

Immortals (Movie) Review

If you’re one of those people whose interested in Greek mythology, but feel as though the stories are a little light on slow motion decapitations,

Tower Heist (Movie) Review 1

Tower Heist (Movie) Review

Guess what, everybody? Hollywood’s most mediocre filmmaker is back. That’s right, Brett Ratner, the man who made three Rush Hour movies and ruined the X-Men

In Time (Movie) Review 1

In Time (Movie) Review

If you’re a fan of science fiction that’s driven by ideas over spectacle, then Andrew Niccol is a writer/director you should follow. He’s one of

The Three Musketeers (Movie) Review 1

The Three Musketeers (Movie) Review

Paul W.S. Anderson’s Three Musketeers is an absolutely ludicrous Hollywood bastardization of Alexandre Dumas’ beloved novel. The film transforms a historical romp into a ridiculous spectacle filled

Batman: Year One Blu-ray Review 1

Batman: Year One Blu-ray Review

DC has been cranking out pretty strong animated adaptations of several popular runs in their back catalogue for a while now, but with their latest

The Thing (Movie) Review 1

The Thing (Movie) Review

  The Hollywood rehashing of classic horror films continues this week with The Thing. In a slight twist to try and appease frustrated and exhausted horror

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