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Horrible Bosses (Movie) Review 1

Horrible Bosses (Movie) Review

Horrible Bosses will never win any awards and will probably never be considered a classic, but it will make you laugh quite a bit, and

Attack The Block (Movie) Review 1

Attack The Block (Movie) Review

A great genre movie should sneak up on you, appealing to your B-movie pleasure center with a pulpy concept and delivering the goods, while also

Super 8 (Movie) Review 1

Super 8 (Movie) Review

Super 8 combines the absurdly profitable talents of writer/director J.J. Abrams (Alias, Lost, Star Trek) and producer Steven Spielberg (he’s a brand name, you know

Tree Of Life (Movie) Review 1

Tree Of Life (Movie) Review

In the midst of the summer blockbuster season along comes Terrence Malick’s Tree Of Life, an art film palate cleanser of sorts that might feature

X-Men: First Class Review

X-Men: First Class (Movie) Review

X-Men: First Class just might be the best cinematic outing for Charles Xavier and his wacky band of mutants so far. It’s a franchise reboot

The Hangover Part II (Movie) Review 2

The Hangover Part II (Movie) Review

The Hangover Part II offers exactly what the title promises. It’s more of the same raunchy n’ dark comedy from the first movie and unfortunately

Priest (Movie) Review

Priest (Movie) Review

You wouldn’t think that a post apocalyptic vampire Western with a kung-fu fighting priest in the lead role would be boring, but you also haven’t

Thor (Movie) Review 1

Thor (Movie) Review

These days it wouldn’t be summer movie season without superhero adaptations, so this Friday the blockbuster season officially kicks off with Marvel Comics’ latest big

Fast Five (Movie) Review 1

Fast Five (Movie) Review

When action movies make it a few too many titles into a franchise, things tend to get a little ridiculous. Rambo may have been a

Repeaters (Movie) Review

Repeaters (Movie) Review

Presumably at some point during the production of Repeaters someone must have realized that they weren’t working on a particularly good project. It’s one of

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