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Scream 4 (Movie) Review 1

Scream 4 (Movie) Review

Scream was a big kick in the ass for the horror industry in 1996. Not only was it one of the most successful genre outings

Your Highness (Movie) Review 1

Your Highness (Movie) Review

It’s always nice when left-of-center talents get free reign in Hollywood. Watching Your Highness, it’s very clear that star Danny McBride and director David Gordon

Insidious (Movie) Review 1

Insidious (Movie) Review

In 2004 Australian director James Wan and his writing partner Leigh Whannell released a little horror movie that they shot in 18 days for a

Source Code (Movie) Review 1

Source Code (Movie) Review

With the stink of the god awful Battle: Los Angeles still lingering in theaters, it’s such a relief to know that science fiction can be

Sucker Punch (Movie) Review 1

Sucker Punch (Movie) Review

There are moments in Zack Snyder’s latest multimillion dollar pulp epic Sucker Punch that combine so many guilty pleasure elements simultaneously that it’s impossible not

Paul (Movie) Review 1

Paul (Movie) Review

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are two guys who are more than happy to let their geek flags fly. They’ve made a career out of

Battle: Los Angeles (Movie) Review 1

Battle: Los Angeles (Movie) Review

It must be said that Battle: Los Angeles is a film with one special distinction going for it: never before has watching aliens blow up

The Adjustment Bureau (Movie) Review 1

The Adjustment Bureau (Movie) Review

Like all Hollywood adaptations of the writings of Philip K. Dick, The Adjustment Bureau takes one of the influential author’s sci-fi thought experiments and transforms

Drive Angry 3D (Movie) Review 1

Drive Angry 3D (Movie) Review

Nicholas Cage can be a frustrating actor as his taste for cinematic fast food can often undermine his talent. Sure, it would be nice to

I Am Number Four (Movie) Review 1

I Am Number Four (Movie) Review

I Am Number Four is one of those great blockbuster anomalies: a movie that wants nothing more to give the audience a giddy sugar rush

Sanctum (Movie) Review 1

Sanctum (Movie) Review

James Cameron’s name is plastered all over the marketing material for Sanctum, but that’s more of a sign of desperation for a studio hungry to

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