Jonah Hex #65 Review

Jonah Hex #65 Review 3
| Apr 15, 2011

Jonah Hex is the modern interpretation of Shane. A callous, relentless gunslinger bent on serving lead justice; at the same time searching for redemption and being capable of forgiveness. This issue defines the aspects of Jonah’s unhinged persona patently. More of a man-vs-nature issue, Hex finds himself desperately lost in a blinding snowstorm. His savior is a metaphor for an angelic, Joey character. There to save him from more than just the cold and starving winter, and act as the contrasting parallel. They both learn a straitened lesson about each other, and the tale culminates in the classic western practice.

The artwork in the Jonah Hex series is agreeable. It is produced in colour, but could lend itself well to monochromatic tones or black and white. Some of the onomatopoeia is a bit comical for my taste; I feel the illustrations speak loudly enough. Hex’s volatile attitude is portrayed well enough through body language that less dialogue could evoke a stronger response from the reader.


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