Jonah Hex #68 Review

Jonah Hex #68 Review 3
| Jul 11, 2011

When you make a deal with the devil, you can be certain the devil knows something you do not. In this case the devil is Jonah Hex, and the hapless souls are a foolish mob of town folk, looking to place blame on a stranger. Come calling, if you don’t give the devil his due, you will get your deserved. For Hex, that due is $500 bounty that the dishonorable do not wish to pay for the service rendered. As usual, Jonah keeps his cool and shoots his way out of a potentially worse situation.

Though an entertaining story and nicely done illustrations, I found the artwork at times almost impossible to follow. It was muddled together at points, and the characters looked far too similar. In some frames I mistook Hex, and had to strain hard to distinguish him from the town folk. This downfall made a good story very difficult to read.


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Final Thoughts

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