Tank Girl Gold #1 Furry Road (Comic) Review

Tank Girl Gold #1 Furry Road (Comic) Review 2
| Dec 26, 2016

Tank Girl is back in the new Gold mini-series that continues where the last one left off. One of Tank Girl’s comrades has just been killed and she has a literal boatload of Nazi gold. You’ll find everything you’d expect to find in a comic featuring Tank Girl here, including beautifully drawn art featuring strong, independent, foul-mouthed, chain-smoking women, with some nudity.

Tank Girl Gold #1 Furry Road (Comic) Review 3

Surprisingly, this first issue starts quite touchingly before spiraling down a silly path about punishing their furry friend Booga for losing Tank Girl’s tank while gambling. The girls decide to punish him by making him walk what is known as the “Furry Road”, an obvious nod to the smash hit movie Mad Max: Fury Road. What is at the end of this road? A village of sex starved women with STDs, most of whom appear to be black with giant oversized lips, which honestly comes across as a bit racist.

When Booga is told what he is being punished with, he is clearly distressed. When he comes back, he has an STD and everyone has a good laugh in the comic because I guess it is funny that their friend got raped? I just don’t understand how anyone could think this is an appropriate storyline or gag, regardless of the medium or series. Men getting raped is no funnier than women getting raped, which is to say not funny at all. I was honestly shocked and appalled by this in an otherwise great comic.

Tank Girl Gold #1 Furry Road (Comic) Review 2

Aside from that, all the style, wit, and quotable moments you’d expect are here, none of which are appropriate for CGM to print. Just know if you love foul one liners, you’ll get your fill. I found myself laughing out loud multiple times. I also couldn’t help but think how cool all the characters look smoking, though I’m adamantly against smoking in real life: comics just seem to make it look so danged cool.

This issue ends with a small bit about Booga spending some of the Nazi gold to buy a watch while already dressed to the nines, which was a lot weaker compared to the rest of the comic, so don’t feel bad if you skip over that part till the next issue.

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