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The Walking Dead #85 Review

Strength in numbers is a fundamental aspect of the human survival strategy. Alone we are weak, but together insurmountable obstacles can be overcome. An unorganized rabble is also a substandard contender; this is equivalent to the roamers. Our holdout of survivors, though less in number, fought unified and prevailed. The strength of many is an equation divided by leadership and coordination.

So begins the cleanup, the hard work after a battle hard fought. It is easy to toss zombies into a burning pile, but what about your friends and loved ones. Too many of the congregation were sacrificed, and now the pain is real.

What stands before the living is now a form of hope. Ambition provoked by awareness; a forum incited by Rick’s vision of not just a dissociated community, but of the emergence of civilization. The first steps to government are borne by an idealistic few.

I have read a lot of hatred about the condition and fate of Carl. People dropping this comic because of it; I share no common delusion that sanctified characters should be shielded from death. The Walking Dead appeals to me because I feel it is a realistic interpretation of post-apocalyptic survival; in reality everyone bleeds.


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The Walking Dead #85 Review
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