Heroes For Hire #9 Review

Heroes For Hire #9 Review 3
| Jul 28, 2011

With Fear Itself spreading across the Marvel Universe, no title is safe, as it hits Heroes for Hire with a vengeance!Since the start of this series I’ve really enjoyed Misty’s new incarnation of the team, and her role as “Control”, and this is a good issue to feature her in that capacity, behind the scenes, working on a disaster scenario.With so many disasters being reported globally, she does what she can to mobilize heroes to deal with specific situations, whether it be saving Paladin from a rampaging, transformed Thing, or investigating the Raft breakout attempt.

Abnett/Lanning have been successfully using this title to use all sorts of heroes, bringing together new combinations of hero team-ups that we’ve never seen before.Having Shroud and Elektra team-up, or Gargoyle and Paladin, it’s something different, and adds a cool new element to the proceedings, as these aren’t finely tuned partnerships, but something much different, newer and riskier.Paladin is becoming the true breakout star of this book, and deservedly so, especially given how well Abnett/Lanning have been writing him.Misty’s role is a little underplayed here overall, but given the rest of the action in the issue, it’s understandable.A new antagonist is slowly developed throughout the course of this issue, and it’ll be interesting to see what they do with him going forwards.

Hotz’ artwork brings a a new flavour to this book’s visuals, adding a quirky yet dark sensibility, which really plays well against the backdrop of Fear Itself.

Since its launch this title has been a consistently enjoyable read, and that trend continues with this issue. Recommended!

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Heroes For Hire #9 Review 2
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