Chris Nikolopoulos  X  Oct 22, 2010
Score: 7

Wolverine is arguably the most ubiquitous superhero contemporary comics. A few months ago, a new book was launched titled Wolverine: Weapon X. This character is heavily saturated with so many tales highlighting this feral mutant. But in Marvel’s defence, if he is a big draw, then why not utilize him to his full potential?

Its first story arc, Adamantium Men, ran for the initial five issues and is collected in paperback form. Writer Jason Aaron tells a story of a private security organization called Blackguard, which has obtained the secret files of Weapon X. With all of the information on how the X-Man’s powers work, Blackguard was able to create their own army of Wolverines. This group consists of former dishonourably discharged soldiers with their own healing factor, enhanced senses, and even laser claws, the Wolverine version of Star Wars, if you will.

While the concept of Wolverine going on some mission that is connected to his past isn’t innovative, Jason Aaron tells an interesting story. In addition, artist Ron Garney provides some beautiful artwork that only helps make the experience sweeter. Also available in this paperback is a bonus story titled A Mile in My Moccasins.

As mentioned earlier, Wolverine is one busy superhero. This two-issue story by Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert ran in Wolverine #73 & 74. It chronicles Wolverine’s day-to-day activities as he fights alongside the different teams he’s a part of, as well as his own battles. It is an answer to anyone who wonders where this hero finds the time to be in so many places all the time.

Simply put, Wolverine is one hectic superhero. Although this book isn’t essential to Wolverine’s reading, I would recommend it for anyone looking for a few kicks.