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The Jungle Book (Movie) Review 8

The Jungle Book (Movie) Review

Disney’s massive blockbuster reboot of The Jungle Book really shouldn’t have worked. After all, their recent attempts to remake animated classics in live action have

The Top Ten Witch Movies

The Ten Best Witch Movies of All Time

Recently, a lil’ horror movie called The Witch was released and caused quite a ruckus. Deservingly so, too. Rob Eggers’ film was one of the

The Awesomeness of Ash Vs Evil Dead 7

The Awesomeness of Ash Vs Evil Dead

If you have a pulse, internet access, and a sense of nostalgia, then it’s safe to say that you’re excited about the upcoming release of

Top Five Spider-Man Games 6

Top Five Spider-Man Video Games

So with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on store shelves (unless you have an Xbox One, then you’ll just have to download it), and the movie

Sony creating Last of Us movie

Sony creating Last of Us movie

The combination of Joel and Ellie in the PlayStation 3 action game exclusive, The Last of Us, captivated people around the world, and as a result the

Evil Dead (Movie) Review 2

Evil Dead (Movie) Review

For the Comic-Con crowd, The Evil Dead series is very nearly the Star Wars trilogy of horror movies.

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