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Headlander (PS4) Review

Headlander (PS4) Review

Double Fine’s offerings have been off lately, haven’t they? The decorated developer’s output has left me cold over the last few years. It’s been feeling

Wasted (PC) Review 6

Wasted (PC) Review

I spent the first several minutes of Wasted crafting the perfect character using the game’s surprisingly robust customization tools. Every little detail, right down to

Traverser (PC) Review 5

Traverser (PC) Review

Valerie Bennett, the hero of Gatling Goat Studios’ Traverser, lives in the underground city of Brimstone. Her home, the wealthy district, is a place where

Duck Game (PC) Review 6

Duck Game (PC) Review

When I think about games published by Adult Swim Games, the first thing that comes to mind is their absurdly addictive soundtracks and Duck Game

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