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Moana (Movie) Review 1

Moana (Movie) Review

For years Disney it seemed as if had lost their way in the world of animated features. Aside from the Pixar movies they funded and

Zootopia (Movie) Review 7

Zootopia (Movie) Review

Here’s something unsurprising: Disney has made a new animated film starring talking animals about the importance of acceptance. Now, here’s something surprising: that movie is

Justice League: War (Movie) Review 5

Justice League: War (Movie) Review

The folks at DC animation have been on one hell of a winning streak lately. Their direct-to-Video adaptations of The Dark Knight Returns, The Flashpoint

Injustice: Gods Among Us (PS3) Review 1

Injustice: Gods Among Us (PS3) Review

Finally the school yard arguments can be settled. Who would win in a fight between Batman and Wonder Woman? Could the Flash run circles around

Wreck-it Ralph (Movie) Review 3

Wreck-it Ralph (Movie) Review

It was inevitable, people. With all of the videogame nostalgia that’s built up over the last decade at some point someone was going to capitalize

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