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Amplitude (PS4) Review 7

Amplitude (PS4) Review

Harmonix is back with their crowd-funded revival of the cult classic PS2 rhythm game Amplitude, this time for the PS3 and PS4 with new and

Amplitude Launches on January 5th - 2015-12-02 11:13:23

Amplitude Launches on January 5th

For everyone that loves Harmonix and knows how the company started, Amplitude hitting the PS4 is is exciting. Well, it seems like you won’t have long

Major Changes at Harmonix - 2014-05-29 16:06:49

Major Changes at Harmonix

There are some big changes going on at Harmonix today. The developer that just got its Kickstarter for Amplitude funded has laid off 37 full

Harmonix talks Kickstarter - 2014-05-20 11:28:03

Harmonix talks Kickstarter

Back in 2003 a small videogame developer known as Harmonix made a game for the PlayStation 2 called Amplitude. It reached cult status in the gaming community

CGM Sound Off - Amplitude - 2015-02-01 13:57:43

CGM Sound Off – Amplitude

This week’s Sound Off is a special Amplitude edition! CGM editor Wayne Santos has a call to arms for Harmonix fans. He gives his opinion

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