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Goldeneye 007 64: Happy 23Rd Anniversary To Gaming'S Miracle Fps 6

GoldenEye 007 64: Happy 23rd Anniversary to Gaming’s Miracle FPS

 |  CGMagazine
GoldenEye changed the gaming world forever as it was released 23 years ago today on August 25, 1997, and our writers at CGMagazine share some fond memories.
Auto Draft 59

Sonic Mania Plus Is The Highest-rated Sonic Game In 25 Years

 |  Amy Chen
Sonic Mania Plus on the Nintendo Switch is now the highest-rated Sonic game in 25 years.
Pixels &Amp; Ink #216 - Detachable D-Pad 1

Pixels & Ink #216 – Detachable D-Pad

 |  Brendan Frye
Mel returns from being held hostage by Cody to join him and Phil this week on Pixels & Ink. Phil tells them all about War Dogs and Kubo and the Two Strings. They also discuss the possible designs of Nintendo’s NX, the Mass Effect remaster and hypothetical actors who could play young Lando Calrissian.
Cgmagazine June/July 2016: The Return Of The Jrpg 1

CGMagazine June/July 2016: The Return Of The JRPG

 |  Chelsea Rothman
In the videogame industry, some of the biggest, most beloved franchises are JRPGs. From Final Fantasy, to Persona, this genre is so diverse and unique; we dedicated a whole issue to it. With titles like I am Setsuna, Bravely Second, Persona 5, and Final Fantasy XV, taking the mantle of the most talked about games […]
I Am Setsuna (Ps4) Review 3

I am Setsuna (PS4) Review

 |  Cody Orme
There was a time when the JRPG genre pushed technology and storytelling to their limits with some of the best games for each console generation. But as the videogame industry grew and spread into global markets, the genre devolved into more of a fringe niche. Titles such as Final Fantasy still garnered mass appeal with […]
Cgmagazine May 2016: Going Mobile

CGMagazine May 2016: Going Mobile

 |  Chelsea Rothman
CGMagazine heads into summer with an in-depth look at mobile gaming and its evolution in the gaming market. Jordan Biordi discusses Nintendo’s foray into the mobile scene with Miitomo, Lisa Mior discovers how AAA developers can legitimize mobile games with Super Senso, and Liana Kerzner raves about the power of Facebook games. Phil Brown sits down with Daniel […]
The Best Movies At Tiff 2014 5

The Best Movies at TIFF 2014

 |  Phil Brown
That’s right everybody, that special time of the year is here. The only Toronto International Film Festival Awards that my mother cares about.
Cgm July 2014 2

CGM July 2014

 |  CGMagazine
Summer is here, and so is the latest issue of CGM. Dreadnought takes centre stage as one of the surprise announcements from E3, but there’s some advice on how to succeed with a comic on Kickstarter, as well as a retrospective on the digital migration of Magic: The Gathering from card game to online powerhouse. […]
Cgmpodcast Episode 106 - Spiderman Fails To Excite - 2014-05-02 13:01:36

CGMPodcast Episode 106 – Spiderman Fails to Excite

 |  Wayne Santos
On this week’s CGM podcast, John Carmack finds out he doesn’t own his ideas, Marvel keeps things interesting on Netflix, and Spider-Man will make huge bucks at the box office, but apparently it sucks.
The Last Of Us Blasts Its Way Onto Ps4 - 2014-04-09 15:15:21

The Last Of Us Blasts Its Way Onto PS4

 |  James Griffin
Circulating rumours were brought to an end today when Naughty Dog confirmed that The Last Of Us is indeed being re-released on PlayStation 4. The game has been re-named as The Last Of Us: Remastered and features full 1080p resolution as well as improved character design and lighting. Alongside this is the inclusion of the […]

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